Meeting Minutes 11/30/16

Moderator: Bob
Co-Moderator: Marceline
Note taker: Larry

This meeting’s agenda:
– Selling swag at Vagina Monologues (10m) Cei Loofe
– Newsletter discussion (10m) Bob DiPaolo
-January Calendar update (5 m)
– Support Circle Updates (5m) Josslyn McCormick
– Member Meeting (15m) Andira
– Fundraising (10m) Bob DiPaolo
– Sign #GivingTuesday Thank Yous (5m) All
– Set agenda for the next meeting (5m) All

Newsletter: 8.5 x 11 single sheet or (8.5 x 14)
General template that people would be able to add their own content.
We’d need to have our ‘branding’, logo, address, and contact info. May talk to Lacey about our options, but we do not want it to be one more job for Lacey. 

Membership Meeting: Unsure if now is a good time to invest in a member meeting. We do have some people that have expressed interest in volunteering with us. Previous comments about low turnout at the last one. Good turnout at the one previous to that.
Format discussion, need to make it not boring and tasteless, good to have short speech(s) and some artistic performances.
Bob mentioned the chance of a poetry/music event at Rock Island Social Club. May get help from Heather, Cei and /or Maya in lining up some talent. Wants to give 33&1/3 percent each to musician(s), the poet(s), and CR. Free to public, but donations accepted and raffle with gift cards. (Very limited space.) 

Fundraising – Bob.
Last year sounds like we have from giving Tuesday ~$800, this year ~$340 and we publicized it much better this year.
Might not like us, might not like Razoo. ??? Maybe try a ‘gofundme’ attempt. Possibly lots of people take CR for granted, since we’ve been around for so long. 

We are not in terrible shape financially, but need to be looking to the future. Andira may be able to network with some additional fundraising people/orgs.

Possibly start a new initiative in CR with some classes, community, events around Self Defense. Could also include de-escalation, safe intervention, etc. Might be able to use that towards a GoFundMe campaign. Andira will bring more details for the next meeting. 

Bob said NOT to put in the minutes that he has a new girlfriend.

Thank You cards for giving Tuesday were signed by all present. 

Agenda for next meeting:
Self-defense & empowerment program
Newsletter discussion to continue.
Volunteer partners expanding into larger spaces could be great. With non-profit partners.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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