Meeting Minutes 11/29/18

Moderator: Bob
Note Taker: Larry

Also attending: Anna and Andira.

-Giving Tuesday Recap (10m) Lacey
Lacey posted $150 last, not sure if/how much came in after.
(Plus Larry’s check.) 

-ACH Transfer (5m) Andira
Our Credit Union seems to have trouble keeping ACH stuff straight.
Donna has volunteered to be co-treasurer with Andira which might help
Keep things straight. Bob reports Andira is open to that idea.
Andira said she handled the back rent issue, should be able to confirm with Randy.

-Riley updates? (5m) Mikala (?)
Tabled ‘till next meeting
Andira texted Mikala to ask if she had any updates. 

-Community Support Circle (Living Under Fascist Government) (5m) Andira
Nothing done yet, possibly for next meeting. 

-End of Year Promotion? – (10m) – Bob (see post under ‘Discussion’)
Andira is all in favor 

From 11-3-17 CR Minutes
“Bob suggests an ad / Facebook boost the last week of the year as a call for end of year donations. Larry suggests that #GivingTuesday is an overabundance of nonprofit options and doing one at the end of the year might set us apart. “501c3” and “tax-deductible donations” are words to use in this boost. Up to $20 boost is approved with consensus for the end of December.”
Is this a promo CR wants to consider again for this year?
–I can’t find any results of this ad boost in the minutes
–If approved, any organizer want to be responsible to making the post and doing the fb ad boost? (CR would compensate for ad boost, obviously)
Voted to do a promotion for end of year donations and boost it by up to $20.
Vote passed unanimously. No immediate volunteers to create the appeal. We have time.

-Repair Cafe – (5m) – Bob, but probably mostly Larry – How can CR help?
Anyone may attend the Repair Cafes to see how things go. We may send out an SOS for a temp host person, or anyone else that is interested in coming by. 

-Medicaid Expansion – Bob (2m) – Approved by voters but will the NE. Legislature/Governor actually pass a bill? What can we do? (related post in ‘Discussion’ on this event)
Postcard Activist event? Coop with Ne. Appleseed? Amnesty International? ACLU? Bold Ne? Bob will try to contact some other orgs to try to get some educational materials/copy for postcards.

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