Meeting Minutes 11/27/12

Shaina fixed my problem!! YAY!!

In attendance: Andrew, Lacey (note-taker), Shaina, Toby (moderator) and William

  1. William asks about zine progress. Lacey showed Link’s article and mentioned the two poems from Joe Younglove. Mary Ann is planning to write something for the zine and William too. William asks if we could spell “zine” another way to help people know how to pronounce it. Suggestions: “Don’t be mean, call it a zine” or using ‘zine (which Toby suggested as a joke, but it might just work!) “It rhymes with magazine!” “Don’t be obscine…call it a zine!” and the list goes on.

  2. Shaina is going to be a key holding member!! No objections. Andrew hands her the key.

  3. Let’s start getting it in writing when the residents give us notice. Before the meeting Qubit gave notice that he is, again, leaving at the end of the month. So, we should get it in writing. William suggests changing the locks when we no longer have residents. We will always give a letter of termination, in every case, when residents tell us they are planning to leave.

  4. Qubit has taken his computer back, which is fine with the collective members. He left us the hard drive, however. We have the laptop back and we’ll take it to the locked room upstairs after the meeting. Andrew has fixed the space heater and it’s now back in the house.

  5. William suggests working on t-shirt ideas. “Frack You” and such.

  6. Beth came to look at the room, but she has a mold allergy. She felt she was having an adverse reaction to the house. We will clean the house and invite her back.

  7. Shaina is interested in renting the basement larger room for $200 per month. Perhaps expanding to the smaller room as a recording studio/music room/art studio, etc. She has an idea of having a music room eventually that people can store instruments in (we could lock it when there aren’t gatherings going on) and during gatherings people could play the instruments.

  8. Andrew suggests putting a box over the thermostat to discourage 85 degrees, but this would also not allow the residents from putting it at a comfortable temp or turning it down when they leave the house and up when they arrive. What we should do first is to move the bookcase that’s blocking the thermostat and see if it helps. Toby worries about making a bad impression on perspective residents or studio renters. William suggests the collective

  9. Rules and chores could be discussed with potential new residents and the lease could state that residents and renters must follow the house rules. Andrew suggests a three-month trial period of week-to-week renting. William suggests some kind of trial period. There can be a weekly trial lease and a more permanent monthly lease. We could also use this as a way to rent the space when we need a filler and it will also work as a trial period for more permanent potential residents.

    1. Andrew suggests three different leases: weekly lease, monthly lease and studio space lease but we need to check into the legalities of renting the rooms as studio spaces.

    2. Shaina offers to look into this

    3. People using the space may pay a deposit or pay for recording time so that they can get the finished product.

    4. William asks if we can run a non-profit business out of the house.

    5. If we have artists or guests who are staying, we should still have them sign agreements (don’t destroy the house, agreements to leave by a certain time, etc)

    6. Andrew will check with John U. about potentially getting a new washer and dryer and see if he’s regained an interest in renting a space here. William thinks he may be able to put a bathroom in the basement but he’d need to check things out downstairs to know for sure.

    7. Treasury is down to $1300. The residents owe another $500. Ashley hasn’t paid November rent. Spencer still hasn’t paid his deposit. Andrew is texting Spencer to see if he’s intenting to leave at the end of this month along with the other residents. We will ask for $15 for Andrew’s time to fix the space heater, which was melted and broken. Qubit asked Andrew to write up a bill for the t-shirts and buttons. The shirts taken were “My Heroes Always Killed Cowboys” and “Anarchy A” shirts plus “Bicycle/Recycle” button, “Smash Facism” button and a third button. Andrew needs to get some of his treasury money and give it to Toby to pay December’s rent. William suggests a secret cafe event to raise money and Lacey suggests again doing a Pepe’s event and Occupy Cabaret could bring in some donations as well.

    8. Lacey passes out revised “about” statements for folks to look over. We also discussed coming early to next week’s meeting early to clean the house. We will wait and see if the residents are all out of the house and plan from there. William is taking the about statement home to do some edits and will return it to a future meeting for discussion. We table the creation of the flyer to attract new people to the house until we have the time to discuss further what it should say and get the about statement finalzied.

    9. Shaina shows everyone copies of the non-profit paperwork and Toby asks about doing fundraisers and having the collective donate to individuals, such as the fundraiser thrown for Alex Svoboda. The paperwork would make it impossible for folks to run off with our collective funds, but at times it would be nice to raise money for individuals who need it. We could still throw a fundraiser but not pay any funds from the collective to an individual. There seems to be some way for a 501c3 to give their funds to individuals but we don’t know the rules of this exaclty. The copies are signed

    10. Shaina has moved the site to her domain. The site looks similar but the functionality is better and things move cool! She will give us what we need to log on and such.

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