Meeting Minutes 11/2/17

Present: Lacey, Heather, Mike, Larry, Sari, Jon, Josslyn, Andira, Bob.

—Hand Gestures – Andira – A review of CR’s posted “speaking” and “feeling” hand gestures, which can be used during CR meetings was discussed.

—Finance Report – Andira – There is currently $4,395.66 in CR’s bank account, not counting Music & Poetry II deposit ($114.90)

—Music & Poetry II @ Cottonwood Finance Report – Bob –
$25 from Cottonwood for 10% of their sales during event
$47.90 (and a candy wrapper) from general donation jar
$42 merchandise sales (Barb)
$50 from Common Root
$8.33 1/3 of Cottonwood’s 10% of sales
$15.97 1/3 of donation jar
$74.30 grand total
$50 from Common Root
$8.33 1/3 of Cottonwood’s 10% of sales
$15.97 1/3 of donation jar
$42 merchandise sales
$116.30 grand total
$8.34 1/3 of Cottonwood’s 10% of sales
$15.96 1/3 of donation jar
$24.30 grand total

—Nonprofit Hub – Josslyn – Pros and cons of possibly locating CR to the Nonprofit Hub in downtown Lincoln were discussed. It was decided that CR needs to begin to pare down it’s present inventory of stuff in preparation for such a move to the Hub or another space, and also because CR has become very cluttered. Andira proposed a ‘Property Management Meeting’ for Thursday, Nov. 9th from 6-7pm at the space to begin this process. In addition a ‘Property Management Meeting’ will be held prior to the CR general meeting on Nov. 16th from 7-7:45pm and the CR general meeting will follow from 7:45-9pm. 

—TDoRR- Josslyn- This event will take place at The Unitarian Church on Nov. 20th starting at 6pm. Andira from CR will be speaking and other community members are encouraged to sign up and speak at this event. Contact Josslyn for details.

—Sponsor Fulfillment Packets – Sari – Compile date from events such as CR’s recent Fall For Pride (FFP) event. Suggestions for types of data to be included in such a report included: Number of performers, vendors, the data from the FB paid promotion, Snapchat filter data, media promotion CR was able to attract such as Lincoln Journal Star and KZUM radio (Andira interview). A potluck dinner to recognize FFP’s sponsors was suggested. Sari will put a Sponsorship Fulfillment draft together and post it on the CR Organizational group.

—Tiny Giant Patreon Kickoff – Booth – Lacey – This event will be Saturday, Dec. 9th from 4-10pm at The Bay. Lacey & Bob will set-up and work the booth from 3-7pm. Any organizers willing to staff this booth from 7-10pm and takedown are welcome to help.

Snapchat Filter – Bob, for Donna – Donna enjoyed using the Snapchat Filter at FFP so much she wondered if CR would consider a filter for other CR events as well. A more generic type CR filter was discussed that could be used at a variety of upcoming events.
Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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