Meeting Minutes 11/2/16


Moderator: Josslyn
Co-Moderator: Cei
Note Taker: Larry
Also Attending: Heather, Andira, Bob, Marceline

-Vote on items separated by the Property Committee (10m) Andira
Andira asked to hold onto several items until we know if Spencer can use them for anything, otherwise we decided to send the rest to Free Saturday.
Vote passed unanimously.

-Yoga at Common Root (15m) Andira
Andira knows a person trained to teach Yoga who is interested in teaching a ‘flow’ group. This would be a private, inclusive event, very safe for LGBT folks. This person has informational certificates and legal waivers available and would like to hold it in our space. Vote passed unanimously.
Further discussion tabled until next meeting, though it was mentioned we only have a small space, so numbers would have to be limited. Also mentioned any good use of the space is to be encouraged. 

-Newsletter (10m) Bob
Bob suggested we could create a newsletter using a ‘standard’ template that anyone could add content to. Imagining a collection of Poetry, Prose, Pictures, etc. On a double sided, single sheet that we could hand out at events. Cei offered to be the main person in charge of this, though not until after March.
No vote, but most present seemed to be in favor.

-Button supplies and grant application (10m) Bob
Button Bob brought up that we may be getting low on button making supplies. Also, American Button Supplies apparently has a grant program, specifically rewarding organizations making and using “Buttons for Change”. A suggestion was made to send a photo of a variety of our best examples of buttons promoting change along with our application. Probably planning to order materials for 1000 buttons, especially if we can get some of those through the grant.
Voted unanimously to apply. 

Agenda items for Nov. 16th already posted in that event.

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