Meeting Minutes 11/19/15

In attendance: Andira (moderator), Azaria, Chelsea, Lacey (note-taker), Mike (co-moderator) and Larry (came before break)

-Sock Drive-
Chelsea would like to do an “essentials” drive for homeless and low income populations. She’s suggestion socks and hygiene products. Lacey suggests collecting at December’s Free Saturday but also suggests a solid plan for date and places we’ll be distributing them so they aren’t taking up unnecessary space here instead of getting into the hands who need them. Azaria suggests contacting Voices of Hope or Friendship Home.

Chelsea likes the idea of going and physically giving these supplies to people. Azaria brings up that in the cold weather it’s harder to find homeless / struggling folks. Chelsea thinks this might be springtime before it gets off the ground.

-BOD Leave of Absence-
Ben would like to request a leave of absence from meeting attendance – but he would like to remain on the Board of Directors for Common Root. It is unanimously approved.

-We finalized the December calendar-

-UPDATE: Art Calendar Sales-
4 calendars sold at Pepe’s ($60 total)
Indigo Bridge bought all 12 calendars at 70% along with 3 zines and 6 edible wilds guides ($132.30 received in payment).

-Staples nonprofit-
Employees of staples can apply for a grant for a nonprofit. Staples is going to be donating 2 million dollars to nonprofits. Mike is going to apply on Common Root’s behalf. Everyone is excited.

Optimist club is also interested in working with us, children’s activities, etc. Mike has a contact, and Andira spoke at one of their meetings earlier this year.

-North Bottoms Space-
Azaria found a potential new space in the North Bottoms for CR. Andira went to see it in person, main central space is 900 sq. ft. Football Saturdays (home games 7+) will be a problem. It’s a fixer upper, the owner plans to fix it up. $1200 is the monthly price, which we cannot afford alone. If we found others who wanted to rent it along with us. All utilities are included in the $1200 price. Cautions on becoming “landlords” again, someone would need to take responsibility for this task.

There is not enough interest in perusing this space to move forward at this time, no formal vote was taken.

-Organization proorities-
Go over coordination chart together at the Dec 3rd meeting – who wants to be involved in what. Discuss and refocus in detail and update. Planning, time frames, committee meetings. We will a lot an hour to this at the December 3rd meeting. Andira will prep the coord. chart and Lacey will print color hard copies for the table and Andira will update it during this meeting live on the TV.

-Black Lives Matter-
Protest – Amanda Gailey has a TV with only one pixel area is messed up but it’s 50 inches. The vote passes to accept this donation 4 vote for, 2 abstain.

-Chelsea-Another space possibility-
Space by the capitol building. Some reserved parking. Chelsea is looking it up at the moment. $70 per reserved parking space. 1250 sq feet. $920 per month. Doesn’t include utilities. Large conference area, as large as 3 office spaces. Above Billy’s restaurant.

There is not enough interest in perusing this space to move forward at this time, no formal vote was taken.

-Azaria-Global issues-
She’s feeling it heavily. Sounds like all of us are. We take some time to share our feelings, experiences and frustrations. Restoring Dignity – Larry’s daughter is involved in this in Omaha. Catholic Social Services is helping these refugees and Chelsea suggests we call them and see how we can help. Perhaps put together gift baskets or informational baskets with information on resources, services available and people who care and want to help.

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