Meeting Minutes 11/16/16

In attendance:
Marceline (co-moderator), Larry (moderator), Andira, Lacey (note-taker) & Sari

December Calendar draft – passed around. Will finalize online.

Vagina Monologues – check with Cei on the date, CR could potentially sell items with a percentage of sales going to Voices of Hope. Further details needed – discussion tabled.

Newsletter discussion- tabled

Updates on Support Circle – it went really well according to those in attendance, ideal number about 7-8 in attendance – thanks to Josslyn for hosting! Josslyn may have more to discuss on the topic – tabled.

Button vote – we have requested grant funding for button parts, but since we haven’t heard back yet, and we are in need of buttons now – we put it to a vote. 1000 buttons will be ordered – we have quorum and consensus to order 1000 buttons.

Community Harvest Potluck – we talked about it as much as we were able. Coming up on Thanksgiving, with a potluck and movie here at Common Root. Lacey will check with the event host, Josslyn, to get event details for the website by next week.

Free Saturday on December 10th – CR is doing free, non-denominational gift wrap again. Outlinc is planning to do a card making table, possible community-centered inclusive child care by another organizer. Also, organizer potluck with VERGE peeps at Vine Church that same night 6:30-8PM – we’re all invited. Larry has small boxes he can bring for gift wrap. Sari can bring some ribbon to be used. 

Giving Tuesday – Sari suggests we use listserve to get the word out about Giving Tuesday and make a photo slideshow within in Common Root – Mutual Aid Center Fb page. She showed Lacey how to do this and it’s NEAT!

Next meeting event – Cei volunteered to create fb event?

Next meeting’s agenda (Nov 30)
Selling swag at Vagina Monologues (10m) Cei
Newsletter discussion (10m) Bob
Support Circle Updates (5m) Josslyn
Member Meeting (15m) Andira & Lacey

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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