Meeting Minutes 1/1/14

Meeting Minutes: Andrew, Azaria (Moderator), Barbara, Lacey (Note-Taker) & Toby

1. We accepted Shaina’s resignation from the board at the November 6th meeting.
2. We discussed the agreement at our old location and how to proceed.
3. Pepe has offered his space for us to hold events, also. CR might be willing to pay for a plate of nachos or something to share with event attendees. There is still some concern about holding events at a restaurant or coffee shop where people might feel obligated to purchase items. Free Saturday is on, our meetings are on for January and so is the Collective Networking potluck. Toby will decide about the ARAN potluck location and such after we do the Collective Networking Potluck.
4.We need to figure out our mail situation. Toby suggests looking into a PO Box.
5.Treasury: $90 check from Jason Nord for 30% down on design work by Lacey, $50 check from Donna DiPaolo (jam sales and donation) and $11 in cash from more jam sales (Thanks Jo!!). CR’s treasury stands at $361.13
6.Jo’s friend owns the strip mall at 48th and Huntington and some of us will go with her to check out the space and see if her friend is willing to bring the month rent down from $650. She seemed to think he was willing to charge us lower rent than that.
7.We are starting with our 501c3 paperwork, but first we need to change the registered agent on our non-profit status. Andrew and Barbara have offered to work on this task.
8.Andrew suggests starting up a paypal account so folks can more easily donate. Andrew has a friend who is willing to send us a donation through paypal.
9.Andrew has a friend who would like to put together a CR fundraiser concert whose connected with Academy of Rock. We would like to let him pursue this, look into which bands are interested in playing and appreciate the help. Noodles also raises $$ for non-profit orgs…not sure if we’ll look into a corporate entity. Barbara suggests looking into money for non-profits for the Mayor’s office. Lacey has ideas for doing a BINGO fundraiser at Grace Lutheran and we’re hoping to do a bake sale fundraiser for CR in the spring.

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