Meeting Minutes 11/13/14

In attendance: Ailyne (note taker), Andira (moderator), Barbara, Cei, Chelsea, John, Josslyn, Lacey, Marcus, Mary Beth, Mike, Sammi

Starting at 7 PM with TDoR meeting

TdoR order:
Josslyn: MC
Andira: poem
Arden: poem
Ailyne: speech
Cei: poem
Sammi: speech
(reading of names – Barbara, Andira, John, Cei & Josslyn)
Moment of silence
Arden: poem
Andira: speech
Andira: poem
Sammi: poem
Cei: speech

Lacey and Mary Beth will light people’s candles – greet people
Plan to be there at 6:30 PM

Name pronunciations will be on Fb for folks reading them

Lacey bring more tissues for this to be at CR. 

B.O.R.I.N.G. Meeting, Common Root Mutual Aid Center, November 13, 2014

Giving to other orgs
Kansas City Anarchists. We have a bucket for donations for them. Can we donate to an org that is not a 501(c)(3)? We can circumvent this issue by saying “Common Root members (personally) donated, From Common Root members”. Because in reality it really is the people donating, not the organization itself.

Waiver forms
Borrowed item waiver forms and revised seller waivers are in the locked cabinet

Called LPS. Waiting to hear back about procedure to be listed for required volunteer hours.
SCC has requirement for Community Service. Cynthia Surrounded contact person.
(For youth outreach), hand out fliers at community centers (F Street).
Marcus, with Only For the Fly. Thanksgiving drive for toys, food, money. Geared towards children.
Marcus and Barbara are spearheading the online conversation on Common Root Organizing Group. (Lacey will add Marcus to the secret Organizing Group so he will be able to participate in the convo).

Keyholder Handbooks
We will be going over the handbook by pages. The whole book would be too overwhelming to go over in its entirety during a meeting. Page one is approved.

Finalize December calendar
Finalized. Native Women’s lit with Barbara, Feminist Literature. Will schedule in January.

Treasury update
$90.12 from GoodSearch. Mary Beth and Abbie membership dues $25. Two months of dues from Lauri $50. Marcus’ 1st membership dues $25. *Andi and Lacey’s membership dues $50, Design work donation $210*(in one check). 

Consent Event
Maybe focus a support circle on how to say no. Does Khylie have resources regarding consent/sexual violence? Using theatre to talk about the difficult subject. Ember as possible contact. Slutwalk. I have a name (reach out to their page). Vagina Monologues for promotion.
Chelsea and Barbara volunteer to head event.

Social Media
Chelsea has permission to start an Instagram. #CommonRoot. Mike can take videos for Youtube. Chelsea, Mike, John, and Lacey volunteered to be on the Social Media committee. 

Account to sell Artist Cards. Etsy. Facebook pages to sell items. Can specify for charity. Free and local. “Sell and say whatever you want” Josslyn can take the lead. Lacey volunteers to take the photos of the cards.

Ailyne is contacting the LPD to let them know about the TDOR even, and potential counter/protest.

Common Root Admin