Meeting Minutes 11/13/13

* Andrew, Azaria, Ben (moderator), Lacey, Toby (note-taker)

1. Calendar

We need a host and topic for the potluck (Dec 7). Radical Poetry Night is tentative (Dec 15). Knitting/crocheting skillshare is Dec 30. No meeting on Dec 25. (Secret: Losh birthday on Dec 28.)

2. Treasury

We owe Lacey’s parents $350 for October rent and deposit, but they’re buying $25 worth of buttons (50 buttons at 50 cents each), so we owe them $325.

3. Ivanhoe

We have some art pieces and mail to send to Ivanhoe. We have an address for him, but we need to ask him what he wants. Andrew and Toby will both bring stuff next week, and whoever forgets will send everything to Ivanhoe (assuming that we get in touch with him).

4. Tapestry

Azaria bought a Peace tapestry at the fundraiser and wants to hang it here. We’ll hang it on the south wall of our open carpeted area (and the peg board goes on the north wall).

5. Treasury

We made $1287.95 (that we keep, assuming that we collect everything). After paying off debts and old bills, we’ll have a couple hundred dollars. Lacey has a logo design in the works, and the Loshes’ parents will pay to use 

6. Mutuality agreement

The other groups don’t want to have one, which is OK; and they don’t want to sign subleases under us, which is OK; but right now, we’re the only ones on the lease … or maybe only Shaina is! This is not a tenable situation.

7. Old house

There are several things that we never got from the old house before we left: Ehab’s yellow vaccuum cleaner, the push mower from the shed, the upstairs A/C, the A/C unit that Scott bought, protest signs, dishes (including ARAN’s plates), maybe not all of these but probably more as well. Toby will contact the current residents, then the landlord.

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