Meeting Minutes 1/10/19

Present: Alexa John, Lacey (Moderator), Kris, Special Guest: Legacy, Andira, Larry (Co-Moderator), Bob (Note Taker), Elaine.

Coffee Mugs – Bob – Goldenrod Printing gave CR four free coffee mugs with the CR logo imprinted on them. Names will be drawn at the Jan. 24th CR Meeting for the mugs. Additional mugs may be purchased from Goldenrod Printing at $15 ea., no minimum, if you so desire. No discount for larger quantity purchases.

2018 End of the Year fb ad boost results – Bob
Ad ran for 6 days
Ad Boost Cost – $20
People Reached – 1,370
Photo Clicks – 20 (2 photos in ad)
Link Clicks – 3
Comments – 1
Shares – 3
Donations – $250

Discussion & Vote – Fall for Pride 2019 – Bob – Discussion held on viability of hosting a Fall for Pride festival similar to past years. Some of the points discussed:
–CR membership is still down enough that we doubt we can do it ourselves as we have in the past.
–Reach out to the UNL LGBTQ Resource Center, as that group has indicated a willingness to help in the past. They have their biggest event/dinner of the year in the fall and haven’t been able to provide volunteers in the past because of this conflict.
–A paid organizer? Andira is willing to put out feelers for such a position. Exact job responsibilities and payment to be determined & will be further discussed.
–Voted FOR (Quorum) Andira further pursuing a paid organizer for Fall for Pride 2019.

Finance Report – Andira – $7,924.59 current in the CR account.
Toby is still listed as Treasurer and has access to the CR account. Since Toby has not been active with CR in quite some time it was thought he should remove himself as Treasurer. Toby is also still listed as a Board Member of CR.
Voted FOR (Quorum) to ask Toby to remove himself as Treasurer. Andira/Larry/Bob will initiate a group chat with Toby asking him to do this.

Live Music – Local bar venue – Bob – Bob has not pursued this and has tried to concentrate on a CreateFest festival for July. Other than reaching out and not hearing back from the potential venue and two possible performers nothing else has been done.
Discussion related to a live music event at a local bar and/or CreateFest:
–Some possible performers: Freakworks, UNL student jugglers, Katya – juggler -(friend of Andira).
–Kelsey Standards of the 1867 Bar charges $80 for a public event and $250 for a private event. Security personnel and an audio engineer is included in those prices.

February Calendar – Lacey – The February calendar was passed around for edits.

Voting Quorum: 1 Board Member, 1 Keyholder, 1 member of the CR fb Organizational Group, 1 Other.

The next Common Root Meeting will be Thursday, Jan. 24th from 7:30 to 9pm.

Common Root Admin