Meeting Minutes 10/9/13

In attedance: Andrew, Azaria (Moderator), Lacey (Note-taker) & Toby.

1. Ashtray – there were cigarette butts in the dog water bowl outside. Azaria could potentially make an ashtray. First we will put a call out on the Free Sat. page requesting some.

2. SlutWalk Lincoln – 7 PM The SlutWalk organizsers are coming for a sign-making party at CR on Friday night. Would we like to add them to our list of affiliates.

3. Fundraiser – Vince Martinez is another artists whose contributing to the fundrasier.

4. Button puncher – We’ll give the unopened punch back to Shaina…since the opened one doesn’t work well.

5. Treasury – Toby arrived and gets the donations from the cash/lock box. $25 returned to Lacey for the first upcycled LFL and the rest is a $75 donation to CR. $6.40 for lock box securing supplies. Treasury $585.76 + coins from Ivanhoe. Lacey will make a sign for the box. Howard will get paid on the 19th, at that point he will pay us all $750.

6. Thank You – We signed a thank-you note for Richard & Christy Hargesheimer for their recent donation check.

7. Ivanhoe – Lacey will forward his mail, once we get a forwarding address. Ivanhoe’s deposit will be paid back after the fundraiser, he’s loaning us that money until then.

8. Kris – has been paid $100 back from his deposit.

9. House Cleaning – We’re going to invite people to the old CR next Wednesday to buy appliances, items in the house we don’t need, etc. Shaina will rent a large dumpster to get rid of the rest of the stuff at the house that’s unwanted.

10. Painting – Lacey will use Ivanhoe’s donated canvas to make a similar artwork to the one Jewel and Shaina posted on Fb that they want hanging in the space.

11. Kevin – Alternatives to the Military (ATM) is looking for volunteers. They especially need folks to hand out leaflets at Southwest High this Friday at 7:15 AM. Non of the CR membrs here can make that time-frame, but we will see if he’s interested in holding a talk or event at CR in the future to help recruit help or get more interet in this cause.

12. Calendar -Nick would like to hold a one-person play about cops called “Know Your Enemy” at CR mid-November. Dates we can offer are: Nov 15th evening, Nov 23rd or 24th.
Toby will host ARAN meeting and vegan potluck on Nov 17th. Free Sat at Grace Lutheran on Nov 16th. Fundraiser is Nov 10th and tentitevly we’ll hold an alternatives to recycling potluck on Nov 2nd.


Toby Bartels

The treasury actually began with $500.63 rather than $500.16, so it ends with $576.23 rather than $575.76. (And $585.76 was just a math error.)

Common Root Admin