Fall For Pride Volunteer Meeting 10/6/16

– Welcome and meeting rules (5m) Lacey
– FFP Timeline / Schedule Overview (20m) Lacey
– Specific Volunteer Tasks (10m) Lacey

BREAK (5m) 

– Continued – Volunteer Tasks (10m) Lacey
– Q&A (20m) Anyone
– Time Sensitive Items (10m) Anyone
Moderator: Lacey
Co-Moderator: Bob
Note taker: Larry
Attending also: Azaria, Spencer, Isabell, Donna, Andira, Sebastian, Hannah, 

Lacey read the meeting rules.
Timeline & schedule overview by Lacey,
Volunteers at the park by 10:30 AM.
Check in at the information booth (under the canopy.)

CR booth will have the raffle prizes, jars and tickets. Also buttons, keychains, water bottles business cards, mailing list sign-up. & etc. Selling items taking cash, checks and CC with the square reader. 

Check-in booth will have maps & schedules, also vendor lists, 2-wheel dolly to help vendors get stuff to their tables. Etc. 

Raffle tickets, double tickets. Players split the ticket, put one into the jar for the prize they would like to win. They keep the other half to claim their prize. Guests must be present to win. Shutting off ticket sales at 4:00, announcing winners all together at 4:30. Will have white board with winning numbers, so if anyone doesn’t pick up by clean-up, we will use them as prizes at later events.
FAQ sheet handed out – it reads:
Q. Where’s the water?
A. Water fountain north of the Common Root Booth in the Pavilion.

Q. Where is food and other beverages? A specific booth vendor?
A. Maps of vendor locations are available at the Common Root (CR) booth and Info Booth.

Q. How can I sign up for a booth next year?
A. Add your contact info to the email signup sheet at the Common Root booth, write FFP vendor in the “interest” column.

Q. Where are the restrooms?
A. Outdoor restrooms near the playground. Indoor restrooms are located on the east side of the Pavilion, on either side of the stage. 

Q. When is _____ performing/____ activity and where?
Schedules are located at the Common Root booth & Info Booth.

Q. When is the raffle drawing?
A. 4:30 PM – Indoor stage. Must be present to win. Prizes at CR booth.

Q. Do you take donations?
A. YES! Donations can be taken to the CR booth or Info booth.

Q. I have a complaint, who do I bring it to?
A. Lacey & Andira Losh are in charge of Event Quality Control. Let’s find one of them so you can voice your concerns. To make complaints anonymously, website form at: commonroot.net/contact

Q. Someone is making me feel unsafe. What do I do?
A. Let’s go inside/away form the situation to a safe space (Common Root booth or Info Booth) and assess the situation to see if event volunteers can help or if authorities need to be contacted.
Event Schedules were also handed out:
Playing on the outdoor stage at Fall For Pride 2016:

1:20 PM – Noto Swing
2:20 PM – This Machine Kills Vibes
3:20 PM – The Morbs
4:20 PM – Bien Fang

Featured on the stage inside the Auld Pavilion:

1:25 PM – Poetry by Samuel Lee & Quinn Mobbs
2:10 PM – Nonprofit Speakers from
Inclusive Life Center & OUTLinc – Lincoln’s LGBT Community
2:30 PM – Mini Music Class for Families with Young Children by Itty Bitty Musik
3:00 PM – Poetry by Stacey Waite, Andira Losh, Helen Winston,
Becca Human & Alexis Oldham
4:25 PM – Nonprofit Speaker from Star City Pride
*** 4:30 PM – Raffle Winners Announced ***
4:40 PM – Poetry by Ben Wenzel

Many of our vendors will be providing free activities throughout the event. We’ll also be featuring these free activities:

Activity schedule:
1-1:30 PM – Free yoga session provided by Lincoln Yoga Center (outside, west of the Auld Pavilion)
2:30-3 PM – Mini Music Class (for families w/ young children) provided by Itty Bitty Musik (Indoor stage)

1-5 PM
– Pumpkin Painting at OUTLinc – Lincoln’s LGBT Community’s booth (while pumpkins last)
– All-Ages Coloring Station (north porch, inside Auld Pavilion)
– Identity Flag Photo Booth (north porch, inside Auld Pavilion)
– Chalk the Walk (outside, west of Auld Pavilion)

Clean-up of the Pavilion is very important to be done by 6. Cleaning specs are very strict. Also, the park provided tables & chairs in the Pav. Must not be moved outside. The 12’ tables and the round tables stay in the Pav. At all times. 

Extra notes, excellent flow with our new layout. Gelato Booth will not be there. 

Two clusters of food vendors outside, (see map) two food vendors inside.
Specific Volunteer tasks:
Everybody Empty U-haul.
Teams: Setting outdoor tables
Setting indoor tables
Setting up signs
Hanging banners and rainbow flags
Two CR banners, big one on the front of the indoor stage, smaller one on the CR booth. (probably)
Outdoor stage setup.
Indoor stage setup
Tables will be marked with number, vendor, # of tables, # of chairs, easy for volunteers.
Ivanna Cone is right next to the Info/check-in booth.
Hoping some volunteers will be done with team setup by 11:30 when we expect the vendors to start arriving.
Inclusive restroom signs for at least the indoor restrooms.
Lots of free activities, photo booth props & identity flags on the big poster. Also educational info.
Selfie photo booth
sidewalk chalk, coloring,
setting up CR booth itself. Especially raffle prizes.
Any volunteers that finish their tasks PLEASE check with Donna at the info booth for anything yet to do and/or go around the vendor tables and ask if they need anything. If you can’t do it or don’t know how/where to help, check with Donna. Donna also has list of volunteers and their cell numbers. Also if anyone is doing a booth by themselves, we can offer to watch there booth briefly so they can get food or visit the potty. They really appreciate that!

Q & A:
More tables & chairs than last year & ~same # of people, hoping this year the simpler layout and Fette leading the Team will be much more effective & efficient this year. He was a rockstar last year.

Any prospective volunteers? From State farm – AllState? No confirmation.
We have tablecloths for all the blue tables, probably need to tie those to the table legs. Can offer any extra tablecloths to vendors after we have ours put out. 

Red Cross is providing First Aid, next to the info booth. 

Apparently, Larry suggested the possibility of going to bi-weekly meetings during the late November – January quieter period. After TDORR maybe. We will decide at later meeting in October. 

Followup meeting to go over vendor surveys and impressions of how things went.

Financially we’re still down ~$550 or so on FFP expenses. We’re hoping to sell more raffle tickets and swag. Also hoping to get some donations. Damage deposit is still due, Donna is delivering that for us.

We had two security people, none this year, but LGBT LPD Liaison was notified and LPD is aware of the event. If anyone is feeling threatened do not approach alone, take a buddy, concentrate on getting the threatened person to a safe space (possibly CR booth or info booth). We can call LPD if needed. 

People can complain to Lacey or Andira if they are unhappy. Also there’s a feedback form if they’d like to complain anonymously.
All vendors are paid except one.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Comment below on old site:

Bob: more ideas/impressions from FFP
*Inclusive Life FFP booth was a no show
*10,000 Villages FFP booth was completely gone by 3pm
*Nebraska Appleseed left early

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