Meeting Minutes 10/5/17

In attendance: Lacey (moderator), Nathan, Jon, Sari, Donna, Bob, Erica (note taker), Weston, Mike, Heather, Chelsea, Larry (co-moderator), Andira, Ana, Alex, Miguel, Dana, Jennifer, Spencer, Ian, Isabel, Grace, Jordan, Carolyn, Josslyn

– Treasury Report (Andira): current balance: $5576.14

– Volunteer tasks / festival timeline (Lacey): Lacey reviewed the Helpful tips for Fall For Pride Volunteers sheet. Google doc link:

– Non-emergency police: 402-441-6000. 

– In the case of a tornado warning everyone will move inside the pavilion.

– When volunteers check in at 10:30 AM they’ll leave their contact information at the check-in booth. (Look for Josslyn and Donna.) Bring work gloves if you have them. Bottled water will be available to volunteers at the CR booths. Volunteer buttons will be provided.

– Donna and Jossyln will have a volunteer set up checklist in chronological order. Let them know when tasks are finished and find out what needs to be done next. (Same list can be used for clean up, just in reverse order.)

– The Fall for Pride banner will be staked at the A Street entrance. (Mike the banner rock star will handle this.) Some sponsors will be bringing banners that need to be hung. KZUM’s should go on the outdoor stage, Outlinc’s indoor stage, if possible.

– Red Cross needs a safety liaison who will keep the other walkie talkie. Nathan volunteered to be the liasion. 

– Vendor surveys will be distributed. 

– Raffle tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5. Must be present to win and raffle ends at 4 pm. Tickets and $ should be consolidated at the inside CR booth.

– Josslyn and Donna would like the cash box at the outside CR booth.

– Credit card payment available at both CR booths.

– If you need help finding a place to empty recycling during the day or during cleanup contact Lacey or Weston. They can haul recyclables to a city pickup site, if a recyclables dumpster doesn’t exist on site at Antelope Park.

– The outdoor stage schedule isn’t updated on the printed program, but all online versions are updated. Both CR booths will have copies of the updated schedule. 

– Chairs and tables can’t be removed from the pavilion. No smoking in the pavilion. 

– Clean up volunteers check in at 5 pm. We have to be out of the pavilion by 6:30 pm and out of the park by 11 pm.

– Clean up supplies will be available. Lacey has detailed pavilion care/cleanup guidelines courtesy of the Parks Department. 

– Q&A (Anyone):
Q. When is FFP supply pick up at the CR office happening?
A. Saturday afternoon. Let Lacey know if you want to help. Time TBD after she thoughtfully sorts things. 

Q. Where is the designated place to recycle programs?
A. Wicker basket at the outside CR booth. Chelsea will ask that this is announced on the indoor stage. 

Q. Is anyone interested in doing the Snapchat takeover?
A. Sari will handle the Snapchat takeover with Mike assisting. 

Lacey will promote the Snapchat geofilter on Facebook. She’ll also promote Andira’s appearance on Friday Live at the Mill. Let Lacey know if a vendor needs to be promoted on social media who hasn’t been promoted yet.

Q. Is it ok that someone is in the park collecting signatures for a possible ballot measure?
A. Yes, the park is a public place. 

– Time Sensitive Items (Anyone): Sari has furniture that she’d like to donate to the CR office. Would after FFP be a good time to bring it in? Cleanup meetings will be scheduled after FFP and we can vote on furniture at a future (November) meeting before furniture is donated.

– Nathan asked about accessible space. Chelsea has met with realtors and has been looking for accessible space. So far spaces have been cost-prohibitive. Josslyn suggested the non-profit hub. She’ll reach out to them to get more information. 

– Announcement: FFP Followup mtg (Lacey): Our next meeting will be Thursday, 10/12, 7:30-9 pm at the Hot Mess. (408 S 11th St.) We’ll talk about our FFP experiences, vendor surverys and will discuss what the performers can be paid.

– Common Root will then be on break for a couple of weeks. The next regular meeting will be Thursday, 11/2, 7:30-9 pm at the CR office. 

Bonus notes:

– Mike is officially the banner rock star, and Larry is a gentle co-moderator. Lacey didn’t write the agenda on the whiteboard but we’ll let it slide this time. Not sure if the plants got watered.

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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