Meeting Minutes 10/30/13

In attendance: Andrew, Azaria, Ben, Lacey
Moderator: Lacey Note-taker: Andrew

1) Calendar is approved
1. We are all fine with Carrie Hansen’s music event
2. We like the LB380 second parent adoption event
3. We are fine with a Trans* group off-calendar game night on the 8th or 29th
2) Nick Hernandez wants Lacey to go on his KZUM show and we’re cool with it.
3) Azaria is volunteering to talk with Cheryl
4) Andrew Will check with the Credit union to see that Square is on our account
5) We want to know what the “donation” point on the invoice means.
6) We gave keys to Ben and Azaria. We will officially discuss Azaria’s keyholdership when Toby is here.
7) Andrew nominating Ben to be on the CR board of directors and Lacey seconds it. Ben accepts the nomination and we will wait to hear from others.
8) Shaina has given us an invoice for $185 and says (by text) this is the regular total monthly cost.
9) Azaria proposes having a discussion topic every week the pertains to our community.
10) Fundraiser
1. We discussed how the auction functions
2. We are going to have lunch at Pepe’s the day before to consider event preparations. Saturday the 9th at noon.
3. Andrew, Azaria and Lacey are all willing to make announcements.
4. Lacey wants to bid on the tapestry and peace hand from Bodhi Imports for CR
5. Emilio wants to use our space for his photo-shoot donation and we approve!
11) Ben will be in contact with Dan about the Mother Agnes-Mariam talk
12) CJP Inter-group meeting, our thoughts:
1. Not allowing all parties to attend, delegitimizes open communication
2. We need to be able to discuss openly, all interested members
3. Andrew suggests and informal gathering for people to talk and get acquainted
4. We are fine with a gathering on Sunday at 5, if we can work with the above points.
13) We like the idea of having open time before the weekly meetings for people to talk about issues or troubles in their life, as known as “check-in.”


Toby Bartels

FWIW, I support Ben’s directorship and Azaria’s keyholdership.

Last week, Shaina told me that CR’s share of the monthly bill including all utilities would come to $200, but she didn’t give me an itemization. Is insurance on there?

Common Root Admin