Meeting Minutes 10/29/15


Andira (moderator), Lacey, Mike (note-taker), Larissa, Ben (co-moderator), Chelsea, Sammi


1 Selling Art Calendar Update (10m) (Lacey)

2 Community Engagement (9m) (Andira )

3 December Calendar Draft (1m) (Lacey)

4 Free Saturday December (10m) (Lacey)

5 Thursday Night Schedule (10m) (Ben)

6 Social Media Committee (40m)


-Selling Art Calendar Update
Andira will be taking calendars to Indigo Bridge and Pepe’s.

Lacey will be at Common Root on November 15 during Open Hours for people to pic up pre-ordered calendars and to purchase them.

-Free Saturday December
Looking for volunteers to help at Eilesey Library for set up and tear down as well as help wrapping

-Thursday Night Schedule
Tabled until next week.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin