Meeting Minutes 10/25/18

Present: Lacey (Moderator & Co-Moderator), Kris, Larry, Bob (Note taker), John, Andira and special guest Legacy.

Mail – Lacey – Common Root received a $20 check from Goodsearch (people using Goodsearch on the web & designating CR for donations) as well as a $50 check from State Farm Insurance matching fund.

CR Affiliates for new Website – Kris – CR needs an updated list of CR affiliates for the new website. Suggestions such as Repair Café, Center for People in Need, My LNK, Skillshare Collective, The Nest, Community Crops & CDO were suggested. Also… Kris has been in contact with Stacey who was working on updating the CR website and hopes to meet with her soon in order to complete a new CR website.

Book Cart – Lacey – As the new CR library cart has arrived Lacey went over how the CR Lending Library works. There will be a checkout sheet with the cart and book borrowers merely fill out the information on it. After the book is returned a line can be drawn through the previous entry by the borrower. The book cart can be made available at any events CR is sponsoring, if the event host so chooses, and also the book cart is available during standard Foundry hours – Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.

In additional agenda talking points Kris brought up a possible new federal law banning trans folks, Indian reservations being banned from voting if they can provide no street address and that the local Indian Center is in dire financial need.

VOTE (Quorum) – CR to donate $300 to the Indian Center, as long as they are a 501c3 (tax exempt) nonprofit. After the meeting Bob searched the site and found that the Indian Center IS a tax exempt organization. It was also suggested CR might want to include a greeting card we can all sign to accompany the check.
Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

The next Common Root Meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 8th from 7:30 to 9pm in ORANGE ROOM on the 2nd floor.

There will be NO Common Root Meeting on the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving Day.

Common Root Admin