Meeting Minutes 10/23/14

In attendance: Andi (Moderator), Ailyne, Josslyn, John, Bob, Ben, Lacey, Mike, Chelsea and Barbara

-Finalize November Calendar
-Barbara is going to add Art Night to the November calendar on a Monday, Nov 17th at 6:30 PM
-Add V for Vendetta on the 5th
-TDoR – Arden, Ailyne and Andi are reading. Maybe Claire, Sammi, Cei. Plus time for others to do impromptu. Have a sign-up sheet for folks to sign up. 

-Key Holder Nominations
-Lacey nominates John, Ailyne and Mike to become key holders. It’s unanamous and they will all be key-holders!

-Towel Rack
We are okay with using it with the tension (maybe over the fridge) using a ceiling brace

-Mahek Cooking Class – he wants to hold one here. He has cooking implements – like hot plates. He’s going to make sauces/foundation and you could choose your protein. Ben is thinking Nov 22nd in the early evening – he will check with Mahek.
-Cooking class at the Yoga center – Free – Nov. 13th at 7 PM

-Sales tax – BORING committee meeting next week

-Treasury $1926.38
-Rec’d membership check from Roger (late $10 membership dues from Ben – the number above does not reflect this $10 payment)

The remaining meeting time is used to prep for the Artist Card Fundraiser.


Toby Bartels

I attended too! I was just late.

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