Meeting Minutes 10/23/13

Present:  Toby, William, Azaria, Ben, Dave, Shaina

Moderator: Ben
Notetaker: Shaina

Mutuality Agreement:

Shaina will rewrite the agreement using Toby’s as a guideline.

Once per month…studio meeting.

Treasury:  $610.60… 500 owed to Toby.

D & D Trash Removal

Roll-off Reimbursment- $145

501(c)(3)-  research what types of grants we are looking for?

Howard:  His room is fine….so if he does pay us back rent..we can deduct his deposit from the amount owed.

Old House:   New tenants moved in and switching utilities over tomorrow.

Calendar:  Azaria is hosting the potluck:
Can we also get a map graphic on the next calendar.

Sink and Microwave:  EcoStore, the microwave is ill received by those present…
Light out Back:  Ask landlord.


Toby Bartels

We looked at the light out back after the meeting, and it appears that we could get a <$10 halogen bulb and (with a ladder) put it in there. (There's already a bulb, but mostly likely it's just burnt out.) If I can do so this weekend, then I will, and see how it works.

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