Meeting Minutes 10/22/15

In attendance: Andira (co-moderator), Azaria (moderator), Ben (note-taker), Lacey, Larry, Sammi Jo and Shea stopped in too!


-Tax exempt form
-Zines at Indigo Bridge
-Selling art calendars
-Conduct at meetings
-Social Media Comm.
-UC Vine Church space

1. Zines at Indigo Bridge (Lacey)
-Unanimous vote for selling zines at Indigo Bridge. IB would get 30%; we would get 70%.
2. Proposal (Sammi)
-Collection drive for personal items (“More Than Personal”) under the CR banner. Andira proposed that this drive might include Free Saturday items left over.
3. Selling art calendars (Andira)
-Seek places like Indigo Bridge and other downtown places to possibly sell CR art calendars (i.e., Pepe’s Bistro, Bluestem Books, etc.).
4. Conduct at meetings (Barbara)
-Dealing with disruptions and tensions during meetings; how do we say to someone “cool it!” without being disrespectful?; discussing the roles of moderator and co-moderator as concerning these incidents; Azaria proposed for a time for taking 3 deep breaths; Andira proposed a break of a few minutes to calm down the vibe; Lacey read the moderator and co-moderator roles from the ground rules sheet; Sammi asked what should be done if breaths or breaks don’t work?; Lacey suggests that an idea repeated again and again is not a good use of meeting time; idea was discussed that a “vibe checker” be a role apart from the official role; Lacey proposed a delay in the change of the meeting roles until the vibe checker role is tried out for a month or so, there is agreement. We will try it.
5. Future (Barbara)
-Further information needed for discussion.
6. UC Vine Church space (Ben)
-Kevin and Corey from UC Vine Church offered us the use of a space at their church for holding events like Free Saturday, etc., alternating with Unitarian Church and/ or libraries.
7. November Calendar finalized.
8. We Are Vital
-Andira suggested a bumper sticker to address downtown gentrification concerns.
9. Other discussions
-Art show; grant funding; fundraising, etc.; artwork not claimed after 30 days will be property of Common Root, unanimously approved; brainstorming.
10. Treasury update
-Current total is $3,306.74, + $35 in checks.
11. Next Week’s Agenda
-December Calendar
-Free Saturday in December (10 min.)
-Tax Exempt Form
-Social Media Committee
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin