Meeting Minutes 10/2/13

# 2013-10-02
* Andrew (moderator), Ben (note-taker until #4), Chris (until #7), Eli (until #7), Lacey, Link, Paige (until #7), Shaina, Toby (late, note-taker since #5), 3 other studio/dance people

1. Signs

Vinyl lettering; big sign proposed. More signage for the separate groups in CR.

2. Smoking policy

Back exit suggested.

3. Mail sorter

Three-slot box for mail. Where to put it. Suggested: by table near back door? Agreed.

4. Rental policy

Different policy for “outside” people wanting to rent space. Month’s notice for “outside” groups/individuals. Have regular person to meet them. In fact, have “chaperone” to prevent possibility of theft.

5. Outside space

Shaina says that the landlord says No to a garden, to keep the mowing simple. She forgot about the light out back. The bike rack is a Yes.

6. Calendar

The studio doesn’t need to be on the calendar. But Jewel in the Lotus’s classes will be; write in “First class is free.”. They can help with distribution too.

7. Lease structure

Shaina suggests that all 3 groups go on the main lease together; no subleases. Discussion of whether subleases threaten nonprofit status is tabled as irrelevant, since we all support this idea anyway. The landlord is cool with it too.

8. Property

Common Root’s donation box will be up front; we need to distinguish between paying CR for shirts and donating to everybody to keep up the space. Link bought the blender for $5. The studio has hooks to hang soundproofing on. The TV will

9. United Way

We’re making buttons for the United Way through Lacey’s father. $50!

10. Mail change

We need to switch it. Toby will do it.

11. Utilities

Time-Warner is off at the old place. We’re awaiting installation here. It’s more expensive now that we’re getting it properly as a business (but slightly cheaper than Windstream): $100 per month, $10 to add a phone. But we’ll use a free Internet phone service that Shaina will set up, so no phone. Other utilities are on budget-levelling: gas is $47, LES is $58, trash is $25. (Insurance is estimated at $50.) This is all in all 3 names.

12. Potluck

A presenter needs a ride. Toby will do it if ‘ey can; else Link will. Remember that meat brought to potlucks should be labelled since there are many vegetarians, even vegans. Lacey will bring water and dishes for this potluck; future ones may not work very well.

13. Listserv

Lacey wants to send an email soon so that people know about the new place before the potluck. But keep it short since she’s overworked. We’ll go over these notes after the meeting to see what needs to go on there.

14. Old property

There’s a large canvas in Ivanhoe’s room. We can use it, but we don’t know whose it is. There were several bottles of a food supplement too; that’s intended to be used under medical supervision, so Shaina will dispose of them. Ivanhoe also left an art piece that he would like us to send him, so we may charge him for the shipping cost.

15. Howard

Toby needs to get a dollar figure from him and ask about the laptop.

16. Kris Barzydlo

We are refunding $100.

17. 501 status

We should be able to do a 501(c)(3); we don’t seem to need a 501(c)(4). Shaina has paperwork, but we can’t afford it now anyway. We’ll come back after the fundraiser. Ted Haubrick (sp?) would like to help with writing grants.

18. Fundraiser

Lacey’s keeping track of who’s picking up what when.


Toby Bartels

Addendum: The treasury stands at $500.02. This includes a $50 donation from Richard Hargesheimer for which we should write a thank-you; $50 for buttons, $40 for an old computer, $45 from Streets Alive!, $15 for signs, and $26 from the donation box. We anticipate expenses of $280 (see #11), bringing us down to $220. We owe $1150 in loans ($500 to Toby, $450 to the DiPaolos, and up to $200 to Ivanhoe) due after the fundraiser, so we would need to raise $930, or $1435 to pay the next month’s expenses and rent. But we anticipate selling (very roughly!) $4000 worth of donations there, so we hope to be all right. (Also $5 for a blender.)


Toby Bartels

Correction: I left off the utilities that will come due on the old place, which I estimate at $300 (almost 2 months of gas and electricity). We can probably avoid paying any of that until after the fundraiser, even though technically some of it will come due earlier.


Toby Bartels

Good news: We are promised $750 in back rent before the fundraiser. (But up to $200 of would go back as a deposit refund.)

Common Root Admin