Meeting Minutes 10/20/16

Moderators: Cei & Heather
Co-moderator: Bob
Note Taker: Larry
Also attending: Lacey, Andira, Josslyn.

-More on FFP Followup (5m) Anyone
-Frequency of Meetings/Night of meetings (20m) Bob & Andira
-Giving Tuesday (5m) Lacey
-Targeted Donation (10m) Bob
-Free Saturday Raffles (5m) Lacey & Larry
-Community Support Circle (5m) Lacey
-Calendar reminder (1M) Lacey
-TDORR (5m) Cei
-Agenda items for next week (5m) All

More on FFP Followup
Heather said some performers on the indoor stage were heard a lot easier than others.
This was brought up last meeting as well, no-one had any easy solutions to offer.
Possibly a partition of some kind between the performers and the indoor booths.
This would have potential pluses and minuses.
It was also mentioned that we maybe had too many poets performing back to back, possibly consider next year having an hour of poetry, an hour of non-profits speaking, an hour of activities (like the kids music which went over very well this year.)
Cei also mentioned we could have Drag performers if we go through the local colleges and make sure they are aware of the family friendly event we want. 

Giving Tuesday
This is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is more of a Nation-wide event than Give to Lincoln day is. We participated last year without a lot of active publicity and were able to raise $800.
Cei suggested we may be able to talk to Shannon at KZUM about some publicity for us and trade for buttons and/or showing their banner at our next event(s) and/or handing out their flyers. 

Frequency of meetings/night 20m, Bob & Andira
Move night of meeting to Wednesday?
Would be easier for Ben to get to meetings.
Heather may need to bring Emerson some nights.
Possibly alternate.
Proposal was to move our regular meeting to Wednesday nights, same hours, starting in November.
Vote was unanimous in favor. 

Frequency of meetings.
Possibly every other week through November/December ?
Possibly some more specific meetings (Property meeting? By-law meeting?) Etc.
Could have supplemental meetings as needed.
Proposal was for dates: 2,16,30 in November, 14, 28 in December.
Vote was unanimous in favor.
Points were made that we could do more specific meetings (property committee, special events, etc.)

Targeted Donation (10m) Bob
Bob & Donna believe they need to make more tax deductible donations. 
Planning to have an event at the Rock Island Social Club.
Targeted donation to pay Hana Zara $50 to play for us. Also some minimum to Heather. 

Try to secure gift cards from local businesses, raffle them off at the event, 33&1/3% to Hana, 33&1/3% to Heather, 33&1/3% to CR. Vinyl reference that mostly went over the heads of one side of the table tonight. But many bluebirds showed up and sang for us. 

Performers can sell their own merch, ideas were floated about making the most of limited space at RISC.
Proposal was to do this event.
Vote was unanimous in favor. 

Short break.
Free Saturday Raffles (5m) Lacey & Larry
3 Raffle prizes that didn’t get picked up, give them away at Free Saturday raffle.
One was a bag of books, we could offer your choice of books, could stretch this out for the indoor Free Saturdays, especially if Only for the Fly will not be participating in the indoor Free Saturdays. They always drew a LOT of people with their raffles.

Community Support Circle (5m) Lacey
Andira & Lacey came to CSC last Sunday and no-one else.
Possibly go to every other month.
Possibly Josslyn might pick up facilitating CSC.
Possibly go to a different time. Sunday evening?
New name?

Printing alternatives were brought up since Lacey is leaving Printing Services.

Andira brought up possibly doing a vegan/trans meal for Thanksgiving. 

Calendar reminder (1m) Lacey
Any updates please get to Lacey before Wednesday!

TDORR (5m) Cei
Cei passed around a printout of the jpeg used to promote the event and a listing of the program.
Many great speakers/ participants.
Approx. 2 hour program.
Planning Meeting same day as Vagina monologue meeting.
Event is Sunday Nov. 20th.
Cei is already lining up publicity. 

Agenda items for next week. (5m) all
Making next meeting a Property meeting, can also do any agenda items that come up during the week.

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