Meeting Minutes 10/17/13

The meeting tonight was irregular, but things happened or were learnt, so her I’ll write down what I remember.

Mostly we threw stuff out and otherwise got rid of stuff from the old place that we’re not taking to the new place. We were paid about $25 for items sold before the meeting. We’ll get some more later.

Howard will not be able to pay us, and he’s moving out tomorrow. He may be able to pay later, so we will evaluate his room for a deposit refund anyway. Shaina has found a family that wants to move into the old place this weekend. She will get them in touch with the landlord.

Jewel in the Lotus will not be performing at our fundraiser! Another gig that they had wanted but couldn’t get decided that they could come after all, so they went for that one.

Andrew and Shaina had comments on Toby’s draft mutuality agreement. This will be discussed further next week.

We have a rough design for a calendar. I forget what all was on there, but I’m sure that we’ll go over it next week. Toby drew a map of the new place’s block for it.

There was probably more that I’m forgetting.

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