Meeting Minutes 10/16/14

In attendance: Ailyne, Andi (note-taker), Barbara, Ben, John, Josslyn, Lacey (moderator), Mary Beth & Mike

-Jeanette is interested in holding Repair Cafe events along with Open Hours – there is an additional one on the cal – Nov 23rd

-Writing Party in November? Can play it by ear.

-Andi will talk to our landlord about renewing the lease, towels & kitchenette

-Barbara will talk to Shela about integration and diversity discussion

-iPod – could use for notes and square if we got wifi.
-Lacey will work on a waiver draft
-John has an Android tablet to donate, rather than let CR borrow

-501c3 – Need formal receipts
– Folks planning to help with the B.O.R.I.N.G. committee meetings should familiarize themselves with resources avail. on
-Josslyn needs to be officially added to the Board of Directors

-Art Fundraiser – We have binder clips
-Mary Beth will bring us sticky notes for pricing

-Promote community events

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