Fall for Pride Followup 10/13/16

Meeting Minutes (10-13-16) Larry (moderator), Andira, Bob (co-moderator), Sebastian, Marecline, Kevin, Lacey (note-taker “scribe”) & Spencer

Fall For Pride Followup Meeting
Reading rules (2m) Larry
Impressions of FFP (25m? 2m each attendee or so)

Larry: Bi-Sexual buttons requested, signs pointing toward restrooms and water fountain, Ivanna Cone did great, custom flavor mixed flavoring seemed appropriate for the spirit, it lasted a LONG time! Should we have FFP again in 2017 – we need to split up the tasks and planning more if so. We need more people taking on extra roles for planning the event. North side of the Pavillion or another outdoor spot for poets outside? Folding walls? Even a lot of sound goes through those. We’re establishing ourselves after a successful first year and more people coming.

Andira: Upwards of 400-500 people attended from what she heard. Difficult to hear indoor performers, may not be able to be helped, with booths and people talking, but would like performance to be able to be highlighted. Raise prices, come up with ways to not operate at a loss if we do it again. Ivanna Cone had a line in the way of the sidewalk for awhile. Several people liked the warm, welcoming space, people liked the vibe. Likes that not serving alcohol encourages lots of other demographics. As a performer, there’s a lot of murmur hum and it can be distracting. Maya was very encouraging. There could be a curtain between vendors, but that may not be affective. Andira would like to pay the performers next year, perhaps we need to raise the prices.

Bob: Loved it. Overall a great success. Big Luvs moved to a different space and that left a couple other vendor tables floating. Button Bob says: “FFP – I found my people.” –Kevin Some musicians were shy about pushing the musicians merch. CR booth could handle this and emcees could announce. Outside more well attended that inside.

Sebastian: Not much to compare it to, but had a good time. He would change the outdoor sound system, he had trouble hearing the voices of people signing.

Spencer: Change the sound guy. He was thinking about the indoor sound, but that might need to be a problem of volume. Layout was improved; more people came down to hear the bands. Ask Paul Foster about indoor stage PA.

Marceline: Marceline feels it went really and they feels like it was a more inclusive, all-ages vibe. Really cool, good stuff. A bunch of identity buttons offered next year? People love the pan ones, especially some of the more obscure ones. 

Kevin: Star City Pride is more cliquey, and the greater local LGBT community can be more cliquey. He heard people say they felt like they feel like at FFP they feel like they fit in. Well-attended, a lot of good traffic. From a vendors perspective, the inside was more well-attended. More encouragement to see the whole festival, indoor or out. Kevin feels we need to raise prices if it makes the difference between having FFP or not. We need to keep this happening to help people find their people, find support, find community. They advertised at Vine Church, on the screen, bulletin boards, mentioning it during service and promoting for a month. Kevin likes the idea of having differing prices (tables & chairs, different prices based on how much we provide). A la carte! Kevin loves the layout, but spread out the info vendors and selling vendors more intermixed. A more family friendly event. Are you coming alone, do you need volunteer help?

Donna (via note): Should sell buttons at info booth. Blanket can cover the sale items and uncover at 1 PM. Could have info booth over sidewalk entrance to direct people to the building. Should have a large sign that says “more booths inside.” I like raffle with tickets in jays just how we did it this year (even though I screwed it up)! Less tables outside for dining – maybe 2 where we had 4 but leave the three in front of the bandshell.

Lacey: Enough traffic inside. So many positive comments from vendors. A LA CARTE!!! KZUM sound system, no longer need recycle bins.

Breal (BREAK)

Vendor Surveys

What did you enjoy most?
Variety of vendors/opinions, location, all the kind people x2, great sense of community, great crowds, lots of fun activates, music, good vibes x2, well-organized, environment, community energy, serving people, the people x3, felt safe, good space for vendors, talking to people about what they do, good weather, friendly people, lack of commercialism, family-friendly, went well, lots of people, meeting new people, variety & diversity

Would you change anything for next year?
More sponsors/activities, one person complained that there wasn’t much to do besides music and spending money, nothing x 5, us (the vendor) being more prepared, setup of tables closer to stage x2, sound system in auld was a little weak, indoors seemed busier than outdoors, liked the layout of last year’s event, indoor outdoor space too separated, shade, more use of open space, longer hours, water bottles

Will you consider being a vendor again?
Yes x 17
No x 0
Please explain why or why not: great time teaching origami but didn’t sell crafts, love to support CR’s community work, very happy to get out in the community and support things like this, it was amazing, it’s a great event plus we were able to hand out info to those in need, because we love pride, great start, beautiful weather, very affordable, location, it was fun and great being a vendor, good pricing, good communication from CR, good experience, low price for booth space, we know most of the other vendors, opportunity to foster community, important to get MHA out there as LGBT org., queer liberation is always needed, esp. in Midwest., good communication, nice people, good exposure X2

Do you like Antelope Park location?
Yes x17 (lots of space)
alright x1
Do you have other location suggestions for future events?
Nox7, My heart, N/A, Antelope is perfect! Other parks with water/restrooms, thank you

Did you invite your friends and family?
brought a friend, and church, fb, social media

Did we allow enough time for your booth setup?
yes x15
we got here late

Other comments:
Thanks, thank you, thumbs up, thank you for giving #42 to a sci-fic convention, thanks for doing this, hope it keeps growing, great event, keep it going, thank you so much, nope, great turnout, young volunteers getting involved, Indigo Bridge, thanks for doing this, more activities, food vendors were great vegan options were nice.

KZUM Sponsorship (5m)
Sound systems, they want to possibly be a monetary sponsorship next year. Shannon Claire was SO nice and encouraged.

Other thoughts (discussion)
Three unclaimed raffle prizes: Lincoln Underground Literary Mag, Indigo Bridge Collection and one small bracelet from What the Cat Made. Larry suggests using these prizes 

Agenda items for next week
-More on FFP? (5m) Anyone
-Frequency of meetings / night (20) Bob & Andira
-Free Saturday Raffles (5m) Lacey & Larry
-New Space Update (10m) Andira 

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1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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