Meeting Minutes 10/11/18

Present: Kris, Ryan, Lacey (Moderator & Co-Moderator), Andira, Larry, Bob (Note taker), 

Finance Report – Andira – CR has $8,409.99 in our account.

March 2019 First Friday @Foundry – Bob – Jeremy Mendoza will display his photographs. Ideas for how CR could be supportive & tie into this event included reserving & opening the 3rd floor conference room and/or keeping the art show open past 7pm, the usual Foundry closing time for First Friday. More information from Jeremy would be needed to see if he is agreeable and also Jeremy needs to hear back from Foundry concerning his show.

November Calendar Draft – Lacey – The calendar was passed around for edits. The regular CR Meeting night on Nov. 22nd will conflict with Thanksgiving. CR will move that meeting to Thursday, Nov. 29th and will begin meeting every two weeks from that date, essentially switching the weeks we now meet.

CR Spotlight Feature in Fall Foundry Magazine – Lacey – The fall Foundry magazine will feature an article about Common Root. Lacey read numerous questions Foundry asked of Common Root concerning our organization’s history, mission statement, etc., and asked for input to be included in this article.

Professional Photographer’s of Nebraska – Lacey – This group is looking for space to hold a party involving food & alcohol in December. Lacey has agreed to act as host for such an event. Motion passed (Quorum) for CR to allow such an event.

New Website Design – Kris – Kris has offered her services to create a new website for CR. A rough draft of what a new website could work & function like was shown to the group. Voted to approve (Quorum) that Kris contact the previous website designer, Stacy, to begin this process.

Buttons – Bob – Voted (Quorum) to approve the following regarding buttons:
–Combine feminist buttons into one box
–Combine Bottom/Top/Switch buttons into one box
–Combine NoKXL and Standing Rock buttons into one box
–Retire ‘It Is So Ordered’ buttons (make available at Free Saturday?)
–Make new buttons: He/Him, She/Her, Ze/Zir, They/Them, ENBY, old school look peace sign, Never the less she persisted, Vegan and Vegetarian w/image of carrot or another vegetable to be determined.

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

The next CR meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 25th

—Need Updated CR Affiliates for new website – Kris – 10 minutes – Repair Café, Center for People in Need, My LNK link, etc. Need new affiliate suggestions.
—Button Cutter – Andira – 10 minutes

Common Root Admin