Meeting Minutes 4/4/19

ammy, Andie, Alexa, Andira (co-moderator), Kris, Mikaela, Marzipan, Emily, Scott, Bob, Larry (moderator), Lacey (note-taker)
Marzipan announces they are the President of The Change at UNL! Also reminds us that The Trans Closet will open at the UNL Student Union!
May calendar – it’s being passed around, no edits tonight.
Website – Kris can send the login access to Larry, she did send it to Lacey a few months back, and now we just need to train on how to use the site. Larry volunteers for this. 
T-shirt prices – Andira suggests an order of 25 shirts for $7.50 heavy cotton, $6.50 for v-neck a piece. She suggests black standard colored shirt, two styles in various sizes. Concerning booth events, we can only sell shirts at Nebraska Book Festival, Lincoln Earth Day, and Pride in the Park. We could display the logo, and tagline.

Andira has the company and varieties listed on the organizing group and we can look up other styles on their website. Should we run another poll to get interest in styles before placing the final order. Sounds like Andira will do this for one week and if the vote is approved, we’ll order 25 shirts. Could use as Free Saturday raffle, as well. We could give these away to volunteers if they volunteer at a booth. Specifics on this will be discussed at the next meeting.
VOTE – All voted in favor of this initial order of 25 shirts.
Sticker prices – From Goldenrod Printing 250 – $32.50, 500 – $62.50, 1000 – $125
They are 2.5” circle size. We could also do square or rectangle stickers, but they are more expensive. People seem to like the circular style best. We talked about vinyl stickers and ordering from online vendors. Folks seem to like supporting Goldenrod in this order as they have been so supportive of Common Root and other local nonprofits. It is suggested that we get 500, since there is no price break at 1000. We can always order more later if we have the need for a greater quantity. We could also change up the design on the 2nd order if needed.

VOTE – All voted in favor of a button order – 500 qty of the 2.5” round from Goldenrod Printing.
Lacey will create design ideas and post in the organization group
Finance report – $7264.88 in our account. This includes the payments for Star City Pride and Heartland Pride but it does not include the $45.10 in donations from the Chili Cookoff with Lincoln Atheists
Star City Pride Guide Ad – $300 sponsorship – quarter page ad size. We could use the volunteer photo we take tonight as part of the design. We could advertise the Trans+ Support group. Include our address. Link to the facebook page. QR code. Lacey can design this.
Organizational goals – immediate goals, near future, and general organizational goals.
Near future: Volunteer recruitment, reaching out to other nonprofits, continuing to provide community events, participating in new events, expanding to the larger conference rooms for our meetings, more key holders.
Immediate goal: figuring out what our organization is about, vision, and goals. What do we want Common Root to be? Additional board members and keyholders will give Common Root stability. We’d like to have clear way to express our mission. It’s often difficult to articulate this, especially to new volunteers and those interested in our presence. It would be ideal to have our own dedicated space. This would allow us the meet more demand of a space for community collaborations and supporting other community groups. We are restricted on the amount of time we can utilize large meeting room and timing of having to share space with other groups, this creates restrictions.

What do we feel sets us apart from other nonprofit organizations in Lincoln?
Accessibility including a socioeconomic classes / free culture is part of where we thrive. We don’t accept a lot of sponsorships from large corporations or non-local businesses. We are an all-volunteer organization and a commitment to our values.

The difference between vision and goals? Goals should be something specific and measurable. Vision would be what it looks like when we model our values. How do we grow to meet our goals and achieve our vision?
“Mutual Aid” wording brings in class-consciousness, but in this meeting it has been more overwhelming and chaotic. This may have come about from having such small meetings for a long time, and we’ve gotten out of the habit of keeping the structure in place as we had practiced better in the past.
Why would a volunteer join Common Root specifically, as opposed to an organization that has more structure or very specific goals and focus?
Atmosphere? Possibilities! A more rigid/focused group might not make space for your idea. We offer more flexibility. Entrepreneurial in volunteer opportunity. There is a freedom to create what you want to see happen in the community. This also means volunteers must self-organize and the responsibility falls to individuals to make events and ideas happen. We do welcome people into the organizing process right off the bat, help volunteers learn to establish organizational processes and learn how to organize and collaborate. Common Root provides the framework and space for individual volunteers to make their ideas a reality with a built-in community. It can be a good social outlet for volunteers and the community. We create a space that is otherwise lacking and the free culture aspect is unique in our area. Open minded and accepting group of volunteers.
Long term goal: childcare! Family friendly nonprofit, gender inclusive, lonely, single parents we could be helping but this would require more volunteers. The UNL Women’s Center may be interested in co-sponsoring an event and helping with this. New connections/possible collaborations through UNL are Chancellor’s Commission on Gender Identity and Sexuality which has strong connections with the LGBTQA Resource center at UNL. Functional internship program might be another potential connection to university students. UNL offers a lot of minors that give school credit for internships.

Next Meeting: April 18
Vote – selling price of t-shirts (5 min) Andira
Volunteer t-shirt giveaways (10 min) Lacey
Hats (5 min) Marzipan
Making bee houses (20 min) Emily
Flood Relief (5 min) Tammy
Housing Program LGBTQA Fostering (10 min) Marzipan
Vegan Potluck (10 min) Mikaela
Calendar (2 min) Lacey
Andira wants the rest of the time for action items

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