Meeting Minutes 8/21/13

* Andrew, Kris (moderator), Lacey, Shaina, Toby (note-taker), William (left early)

1. Listserv

Tell them about the fundraiser and our need for a resident.

2. Pests

William will check out what his friend in San Francisco (or wherever it was) used in the end.

3. Resident

Howard is apparently leaving, although we don’t seem to have official notice yet. A care-taker resident would be awesome. In any case, we want to hold out for one who’ll be active in the group. Kris suggests requiring attendance at house meetings, maybe a minimum of one per month? Maybe a special monthly meeting specially scheduled to ensure that everybody can attend?

4. Free Saturday

We might not be able to host it in the winter, so maybe the Bike Kitchen? But there are some problems there too. We’ll keep thinking about it.

5. Streets Alive!

We can have a booth. Shaina may have a lead on a button-maker. It’s September 29

6. Utility costs

We might want to pass some of these on to the residents. We could even lower the rent in exchange, but we want an incentive for residents to not use them too much.

7. Facebook publicity

We now have over 250 Likes. Lacey suggests having a promotion to give away something or something to gather more, similar to the one that they used for Losh Library. We could give away T-shirts or buttons. We could also entice people to come to an event to pick things out.

8. Fundraiser

Maybe we could auction off some of our Beehive posters. Many other specific ideas. We should give people receipts and tell them to keep in touch in case we get 501(c)(3) status and they become tax deductible … but we shouldn’t advertise that possibility in case we don’t get the status and we violate some law.

9. Calendar

We moved some things around. We still need to check one date with William. Next week is the time to sign up to host. We need a topic and a host for the networking potluck on September 7 Saturday. (Never mind; it’s Kris and the pipeline.) Should we dedicate one Wednesday meeting to house business? cleaning? an introductory meeting? (or is that the monthly potluck?).

10. Trash service

We would have to pay for that. We think that we should, rather than hauling it out ourselves. The Loshes get $27 every other month for service once every other week, but that’s a special deal. We need to find out who even serves our area.

11. Treasury

It currently stands at $1029.22, but this includes some rent paid ahead. So think of it as $629.22 as of now. Andrew brought over a nice cashbox to keep it in!

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