Fall For Pride Planning Meeting (+ Food Truck) 1/21/16

In Attendance:
Larry, Mike, Chelsea, Azaria, Scott, Lacey, Andira, Sammi, Toby, Ryan
Moderator: Mike
Comoderator: Larry
Note taker: Sammi

-Tent (Mike) – Ailyne wants her tent back, haven’t set up a time yet. Mike will follow up
-TV (Andira) – need to take old tv down and put new one up. Larry, Ryan, Andira offered to help. Will coordinate time later.
-Azaria – Pepe’s food truck. Vote on buying it or not. Pepe would like it gone
Member meeting
-Lacey played preview of slideshow
-perhaps too fast to read; Lacey wants music to be longer?
-Most agreed leave as is
-Agenda item suggestions
-Introductions and icebreaker
-Overview of Common Root’s plans for 2016
-working on committees, applying for grants, FFP, food truck, SMART Aid, Free Saturday, regular events like support circles and game nights
-Ask attendees for their ideas of what they would like to see organization do
-Refreshments – Lacey making guac, Azaria chips, Larry juice, Lacey’s parents cookies, anybody else welcome to bring refreshments – Chelsea will bring something too
-Lacey passed around Feb calendar, will be finalized after tonight
-March calendar passed around
Quarterly or Yearly calendar
-see Lacey’s google doc of what was generated last time
-(Google doc training with Carra coming soon – Mike will coordinate)
-Voted (consensus) in favor of committing to at least one skillshare or one discussion per month for the year
-Andira set Larry up an ACH transfer (regular, automatic withdrawal)
-Toby set up an ACH transfer
-Lacey is going to send out receipts for 2015 membership dues donations (cash and check)
-Andira may take on a more primary treasury role, needs documents from Toby
-need role determination for treasury – we have discussed not having a board member be the treasurer. Mike learned that most organizations do not have a board member as treasurer
-Lacey pointed out that most organizations do not have working board members like CR. Our board members are active in the organization, in general
-Treasury role will now be shared. (Co-treasurers) Voted in favor with quorum
-Josslyn is off the paperwork as board member, Mike needs to be added
Staples grant
-Mike resubmitted the Staples grant application, per their request


-Date and Location: (Lacey) – October 9th (Sunday) We will have the indoor pavilion and the outside stage. Event will be 1 – 5 pm
-Table and chairs are available, but we are not sure of the numbers. Maybe 20 tables? (round dining tables, not long ones)
-Need to figure out what will be placed where and whether music will be playing at the same time as poets and things indoors
-Price higher for tables indoors?

Agreed to cut FFP discussion short to focus on time-sensitive item:
Food truck
-Would be good to talk to lawyer about liability.
-If we take it and then decide we can’t handle the liability, we can give it to other organizations
-Ryan will touch base with Pepe about the truck, and is willing to store it at his house temporarily until we decide if we are going to take it.
-Scott might be able to move it
-Clarification: the trailer would be being donated to us
-Ryan believes the reason Pepe wants the trailer gone soon is because his lease at his current location is ending
-Chelsea pointed out that having a “business plan” of what programs we will do with the trailer will be a good thing to have for a gofundme page to purchase a cheap truck to pull it
-Andira suggests doing a Food Not Bombs coordination meeting at the trailer so people can visualize the space and possibilities
-should be insured before we move it.
-Ryan would be interested in making a substantial donation ($500) toward a truck, and also $100 from Azaria. Chelsea would make a minimum $500 donation
-Ryan would also consider purchasing it from Pepe to facilitiate its transition to CR or whichever organization takes it on
-Mike pointed out that having the truck and trailer would essentially force us to get a space with significant parking (unless another organization would store them, but preferably we store them ourselves)
-To be continued

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin