Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 9/24/15


Andira (co-moderator), Lacey (moderator), Mike (note-taker), Chelsea, Toby


1 Discuss/vote: raffle prizes (15m) (Lacey)

2 Armbands (5m) (Lacey)

3 Finalize October calendar (5m) (Lacey)

4 Other raffles (15m) (Lacey & Chelsea) (Lacey)

5 emcee draft (5m) (Lacey)

6 Timeline (10m) (Lacey)

7 Activities update (10m) (Lacey)

8 Map (10m) (Lacey)


Discuss/vote: raffle prizes
Voted on accepting raffle prize from Taco Johns: vote Not approved

Vote taken to approve armbands for CR volunteers at event: vote approved

Vote taken to simply write CR or Common Root on armbands with a permanent marker to distinguish volunteers and/or attach volunteer buttons: vote approved

Other raffles
The raffle tickets Mike found have a Staples logo on them. To avoid corporate involvement, we will not be purchasing these tickets.

Vote taken to order raffle tickets online that do not have a company logo: vote approved
Lacey will place the order

Other raffles (supplemental)
Chelsea has volunteered to handle any last minute raffle prizes should the situation arise.

We will be announcing that winners must be present to win. Any unclaimed prizes will be taken by Common Root to be distributed as prizes for an online event.

Emcee draft
Lacey has drawn up and read us an emcee draft for Kylie to read at the event. Suggestions and alterations were made.

Common Root is on track for the Fall For Pride event for tasks that we have control over. Three vendors have yet to pay. Deadline was today.

Lacey presented finalized event map complete with table placements and vendor key. Map approved by the group – no changes.

Notation of individuals who called ahead and notified us of their absence:
Barbara, Ben, Azaria, Shea, 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin