Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 9/10/15

All in attendance:
Jen H

Audio equip update – Spencer
Midwest Sound and Lighting $187.26 to rent the equipment
Pickup date: 10/10
Spencer will go in on pick-up date to see the equipment we are renting.
Once the form is signed (by Spencer) and submitted, the equipment is officially rented.
Vote: All in favor of Spencer using his discretion to finalize renting the equipment. Unanimous. 

FFP Insurance – Lacey
Lacey has the PDF for the Certificate of Liability Insurance for the FFP.
Lacey has asked Toby to change the address for our insurance company so they will deliver the paperwork to Common Root for future use.
Andira will turn in the paperwork to Parks and Rec tomorrow – one week before the final deadline. 

Final Vendor Decisions – Lacey
Kinetic Brew – concerned about power because we cannot provide it. Asking if he can rent a generator to use and will keep the booth and the generator.
Vote if this is allowed: 5 to pass, 4 abstain.

Perfectly Posh – Does not qualify as local organization.
Vote to include or decline booth. Unanimously opposed.

New applications
Constelation Nebraska – Non-profit Scifi and Fantasy convention – Vote to include: Unanimously agree.
Lacey will let them know that they will need to pay $21 for a booth if they wish to sell their T-Shirts and memberships. 

Vine Verge Church- Non-profit at $6.00 table. 8 Approve. 1 Abstain

Nebraska AIDs Project – Non Profit at $6.00 table. Unanimously Approved.

Unitarian Church – Nonprofit at $6.00 table. Unanimously Approved.

The Glovebox – They won’t be attending FFP.

Passion Parties – Unanimously opposed.
Tables / Late Fee
Take more applications and charge a $20.00 late fee up until a certain date. If there are drop-ins, we would suggest they pay extra.
All against drop ins- Unanimous approval for no drop-ins.
Have a few extra tables. – 5. All in favor? Unanimous approval.
Allow no more late applications for vendor booths. – Unanimous approval for no drop-ins.

Raffle Prizes –
CommonRoot makes a raffle prize for fall/winter “starter kit”
Ask the artists of Common Root to donate to the basket. 

Clark would like to volunteer.
Would we add a vendor table/booth for Common Root vendor items. 


Water cooler/cart – Lacey
Waterbottles were sold and should be delivered by the 24th of September. Just over $400.
Ordered 300 total. Sponsored by Outlinc and Donation by Lacey’s Mother.
Suggested donation for the water bottles of $1.00

Calendar Drafts – Passing around the October Calendar to add or change events and dates.

Art Calendar/pricing/pre-order – Jen and Lacey
Release Date/Debut – Fall for Pride
When will be the Release Date Party?
Preorder – $10 pay ahead and then pick them up at FFP
Mailing Prices – $5.00 for shipping a single calendar.
Plus each additional calendar – $0.50
Andira suggestion – Outlinc spotlight? 

Sign Making Party – Lacey
Slutwalk Lincoln would like to use our space for making the signs.
Shea will be keyholder and open the space for making signs.

E.P. Kickstarter post – Andira
Would Common Root make a post about the campaign? Make it a bit more for the informational aspect as opposed to making it sound like fundraising. Sharing their page as Common Root? Vote: Approve. 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin