Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 8/27/15


Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Lacey (moderator), Mike (note taker), Sammi, Shea (co-moderator)


1 Water/cups decision (or otherwise decide how to spend donation) (10m) (Azaria)

2 Timeline (20m) (Lacey)

3 Power Options (5m) (Lacey)

4 New Vendor Apps (10m) (Lacey)

5 PA system/Amp (10m) (Andira )

6 Raffle/Emcee (10m) (Lacey)

7 Next Zine (5m) [Ben & Lacey] (Ben)

8 Finalize September Calendar (5m) (Lacey)

9 FFP Insurance (5m) (Toby)

10 Treasury (5m) (Toby)

11 Cabinet Doors and Screw X (5m) (Andira )


-Approved Rainbow collapsible water bottle with logo. $1.07 each ($205 for 150 bottles) + shipping

-Barbara suggested adding out web address to bottle logo.

Timeline for Fall For Pride
Auguest 2015
By August 27th (added to record for completeness)
-Make a plan for finding a PA system
-Have insurance info finalized
-Decide how to distribute water
-Decide how to spend donated money

September 2015
By September 1st
-Vendor Application Deadline
-Send reminder for payments to chosen vendors

By September 8th
-Email chosen vendors event details

By September 10th
-Turn in final application paperwork to Parks & Rec
-Pay for selling items permit
-Call for volunteers – slots that are unfilled
-Make final vendor decisions

By September 15th
-Make arrangements to rent the Uhaul

By September 24th
-Collect payments from all vendors
-Finalize event map
-Contact AAA rents – finalize table order and pay balance
-Finalize activity schedule
-Pay balance on recycle bins

By September 27th
-Guests on Lavendar Hill – Andira and Chelsea?

By September 28th
-Send out press-release
-Email vendors event map (and post online?)

October 2015
By October 1st
-Have all volunteer slots filled

By October 9th
-Pick up rainbow flags from Star City Pride

Power Options
There do not seem to be any good power options, so we will not be accepting vendor applications from vendors who need power unless they can provide their own.

New Vendor Apps
-Delightful Divas (individual 1 table, $15) approved

-Itty Bitty Musik (individual 2 tables, $21) approved

-Perfectly Posh (Individual 2 tables, $21) vote postponed until LGBTQIA alliance verified.

-Ten Thousand Villages (nonprofit selling items 1 table, $15) approved

-Aces of Nebraska (nonprofit 1 table, $6) approved

-LuLaRoe (business 1 table, $25) NOT approved

-Mike will look into pricing for raffle tickets.

-Raffle price $1 or $8 for 10: vote: approved

-Incentives offered to vendors for donating raffle prizes: vote: NOT approved 

-Voted to have Kylie announce raffle drawings between sets: Approved

-Voted to have dedicated and individual jars for each item to be raffled: Approved

Next Zine
-Ben suggested that that next zine’s theme be dedicated to mental health: Vote: Approved

-Treasury update: $4,192.82
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin