Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 6/16/16

Present: Shea, Andira, Lacey (moderator), Heather, Jazz (co-moderator), Bob (note taker).

–July Calendar (Lacey) was passed around for editing. 

–FFP Insurance (Andira): $250 has already been paid for FFP insurance. A Bond is not required for this event.

–Sound Equipment/Launch at The Commons, benefit for FFP (Lacey)
As we’ve been unable to get a hold of the volunteer provider (Sam) for outdoor sound equipment at FFP, Bob will contact Spenser Munson to see if he can point us in a direction for this. Heather is providing sound equipment for indoors. Launch benefit for FFP will be held at The Commons with live music (Aug 14?)

–Star City Pride July 8th & 9th (Lacey) – The deadline for submitting our booth volunteer names to Star City Pride was Friday, June 17th. As there were not nearly enough volunteers signed up to staff a booth CR will be unable to have one at this 2 day event. 

–Recycle Bin Sponsors (Lacey): Vine Congregational Church is not able to sponsor signage on the recycle bins, but they are interested in a presence at FFP. Other recycle bin sponsors will be sought out by means of an email blast by Lacey. OutLinc is currently the other recycle bin sponsor. 

–Vendor Application for FFP (Lacey): went live online on 6/15/16 and we already have one application!

FFP Vendor Approval (Lacey): Ebon Flow Ivory Tide Jewely & Supplies was unanimously approved as a booth vendor for FFP.
1 Board Member – Andira
3 Keyholders: Shea, Jazz, Bob plus Lacey
1 Member: Heather

–FFP Indoor Booths (Lacey): After a unanimous vote by those present it was agreed 12 indoor booth spaces/locations will be granted on a first application basis. Several spaces will be held in reserve to later assess space needs. An interior diagram/blueprint of Auld Pavilion At Antelope Park would be beneficial if we can find one.
1 Board Member – Andira
3 Keyholders: Shea, Jazz, Bob plus Lacey
1 Member: Heather

–FFP Raffle Volunteers (Lacey): Should we have a raffle of donated prizes again at FFP? It was felt last years raffle was financially worthwhile & fun.Volunteer(s) are needed to contact potential raffle donors and to then arrange to go pick up the donated items and bring them to CR. Lacey will put out a call for raffle volunteers on Facebook.

FFP Poetry (Heather): Heather will reach out to poets for FFP. Also discussed was allowing vendors to take stage between readings to give their spiel?

Other Agenda Items/Dimensions event at CR (Shea): Due to low attendance Shea may put hiatus on Dimensions after the July event. 

Other Agenda Items/ PorchfestLNK (Andira): $145 was raised at the recent Porchfest fundraiser at The Bourbon. $50 of that went to the DJ.
To date PorchfestLNK has received $543.18. $108.64 (20%) has gone to Common Root.
– 108. 64 to Common Root
– $50.00 Sound Equipment
-$250.00 Insurance
$100.00 Bond
$34.54 (this differs from $37.54 written in my notes. ?) – Bob

Other Agenda Items/Trans Youth Group (Jazz): How to promote such an event at CR? Flyers? Facebook Event? Both?

Other Agenda Items/Pink Armenia (Lacey): CR member Bernie Wilson will be working in Armenia for 2 years and suggested CR reach out to the LGBT organization Pink Armenia. Apparently the LGBT community in Armenia suffers from horrible human rights abuses. Lacey will do initial contact with Pink Armenia and CR will discuss where CR wants to go from there.

Other Agenda Items – Midwest Poet Group (Heather): Heather is considering having a new writers group meet at CR on the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month, possibly on Tuesdays, to concentrate on their writing.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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