Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 5/19/16

Larry (moderator), Bob, Andira, Heather (co-moderator), Spencer, Mike, Chelsea, Lacey (note taker) & Ben

-Sound Equipment – Heather has sound equipment in her trunk she can show Spencer with a box that 8-9 things can be plugged into. She will open her trunk for Spencer later. Spencer contacted Sam and Sam asked Spencer to call…but no one has their #…so Spencer will email them back.

FOLLOWUP – Heather’s equipment will work! She also has backdrops we can use!!

-American Red Cross – called and left a message. We have a contact with a phone number!!

-AAA Rents – Lacey will send deposit in this week!

-Outlinc – buying one sponsorship sign on each recycle bin for $290 and an additional $60 donation to FFP – that is covering their booth fee and then some. Vine Church is interested in doing the sponsorship as well…still considering it.

Lacey will ask them again and if they decide not to sponsor and we can open this up to the vendors from 2015. Andira is in charge of passive aggressive signs. Larry has snarky commentary.

We went over timeline. Red Cross is behind schedule, otherwise we are on schedule for other FFP things! Hurray!

-Passed around June calendar – will print them tomorrow.

-We have Community Cone secured for FFP 2016! Lacey discussed the specifics. They can serve up our custom flavor until it runs out, then they will have a free activity at their booth, staying the entire event.

FFP Form fixes – June 15th It goes live!
“A” remove on free event
add examples of activities
“day of” on chairs

-Give to Lincoln Day – 10:30 setup for G2LD – at Tower Square. We will have 11 AM-1 PM booth. Larry will bring long, skinny table, Andira will bring round and chairs, coloring supplies and flyers.

Give to Lincoln GAY – 5:30-8:30 We could bring coloring sheets for info on the back plus flyer sized calendars and we should bring our banner and bungees – we need an SD card with photos – and Chelsea can bring a photo slideshow on a digital picture frame. Her mom has round lemons.

Mike update on waiver – he had the convo with his sister that she would need to provide the waiver.

– $100 – Ivanna Cone PorchfestLNK donation
$40 – porchfest FUNdraiser – in cash box

$4 buttons
$41 pet-sitting
$19.15 in donation jars
$41 – Lincoln Unites

-Spencer – Launch party for FFP update – Spencer would like approval to have a FFP launch music party (maybe at The Commons) asking for donations – maybe charge a $2 cover and have an FFP donation bin as well. This is approved. Looking at the weekend of August 14th.

-Heather – interested in So WHAT Slam booth and poets performers FFP and poets can sell at their booth (chap books and such). Possible event here for poets to help create chap books or maybe we could coordinate on DIO Fest Aug skillshare to help poets create chap books?

Set Agenda-June 2 Meeting
Jazz Key Holder VOTE (10m) Bob
July cal draft (5m) Bob

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin