Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 4/22/16

Present: Shea, Lacey, Andira, Chelsea, Lauren, Fette, Jazz, Spencer, Larry, Ben

-Finalize May calendar (5 min. Lacey):
Peter Pan Park (tentative) Friday May 13th for Free Saturday (no contact yet)

-Activity Booth?/pricing (20 min. Lacey)
Past booths/events from 1st FFP
Free booths for free activities?
Offer LOWER price for free activities? (Chelsea)
Submit seperate applications for booth and activity? (Shea)
Need reasonable pricing structure
Activities booth vote: In favor – unanimous – same pricing structure for all booths, activities can be hosted by booth vendors but they don’t need a booth to host an activity.

-Recycling bin sponsorship (20 min. Lacey)
Nebraska Environmental Trust offered less/no expense if we sell sponsorships on bins last year;
more time to discuss this year; seek out sponsors; find ideal groups for ads on all containers.
Put out description for sponsors.
Just people who had booths last year?
Ask sponsors to give money if they can’t make it onto a bin?
VERGE/Outlinc get major sponsorships? (contact Kevin)
Different sponsorship levels?
Would other groups like to sponsor US? Check box on application/elaborate?
Since we have Auld Center: How will we be pricing inside booths?

Having sponsors at all (we approve all sponsors as a group) vote: In favor – unanimous
Having recycle bin sponsors: In favor – unanimous. First opportunities go to Outlinc and VERGE, if not, we’ll offer it to folks who had a booth last year.


-Major FFP volunteers & timeline (5 min. Lacey)
Sheets passed out to meeting attendees.
Request Red Cross volunteer station.
Kylie Lowe will be MC AGAIN!!!!!

May need two Mcs—one indoor, and one outdoor?
Volume needs to be lowered inside.
Jazz volunteered to help on website!

-Ideas for bands/performers and poets (15 min. ALL)
Spencer Krull and Phoebe Huxleigh—entertainment coordinators.
Ryan Fette—Outlinc coordinator
Request Once A Pawn/James Dean for music; Cei Loofe for poetry; UNL Juggling Club; Hooping; Family-friendly drag performance (maybe “Barb”/Jane)/Jr. Drag; Belly-dancing; Azraq (?) or other belly-dancing troupes.
Spencer—in favor of musicians sending demo tapes.

-Setting agenda for next meeting (Social Media Meeting)
More serious sponsor discussion.
Sound equipment discussion.
Update for contacting performers.
Launch party with bands not at FFP/advertise at PorchFest?
Wish list for working on website.
Give To Lincoln day discussion.
Volunteers/timeframe for Give To Lincoln Day.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin