Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 3/17/16

(Happy St Patty’s Day! :-) )

Read Ground Rules for CR Meetings

In Attendance
Lacey – Moderator
Andira – Comoderator
Larry – Co-co moderator (taking stack)
Shea – Notetakeer

Suite next door to us- adoption agency might vacate.
Ben could look into pricing if Landlord would cut us a deal renting more. 

56th and Hwy 2 – Ben is looking into Rent prices on these spaces

Outlinc looking to move and we might rent space next to them?
Adding rental space information to follow-up. 

Lacey – Keyholders – New handbook.
Revisions – 

Pages vs Groups of Facebook

Calendars – passing April Calendar around. 

FFP Timeline
(see handout)
Feb. revised pricing – See last meeting’s minutes
Renting Chairs – Future discussion

Considering major volunteers
Emcee- Is Kylie interested again? We might need two. Other suggestions? Wes & Scott did great on their ally presentation last year.
Entertainment coordinator – Spencer – Andira will confirm if he is interested in this position.
Activities coordinator-
Putting people/activities down for time slots/space slots
How to price it out?

Sunday, October 9 – 1 to 5 PM
Request Red Cross Earlier

Azaria brought it up – Decomodified event – no sponsors for the recycle bins. We’d like to consider Non profits to help support or if people can’t attend event but want to support.

Figure out what we are looking for for sponsors- next FFP meeting

Formally asking involvement
Fette (sp?), Wes, Spencer & Kylie – Amanda (SP CE) has indicated interest

volunteer idea for eliminating the need for Activities Coordinator
Schedule activities and while folks providing activities are not hosting them, they could have a special booth area to promote their org, art, etc. Consider volunteers for “booth fill-in” / Both subs 

For next meeting?

Booths for activites & activites Booths Pricing
Recycle Bin Sponsorship
Ideas for Bands, performers, poets
Vendor Sign-up forms

Charging for chairs? 

Chair & Table Rental
AAA Rents $5.50 each table
$0.50 each chair
Scott’s price breakdown – $2.31 (our cost per chair)
Suggested $2.50 or $3.00 per chair –
$3.00 early order
$4.00 day of – both of these prices passed with consensus

Recycle bins / sponsorship discussion for next time

Porchfest table for future. 

Agenda for BORING/ Social Media Meeting
Radical Red Poetry Event
What we need to prepare
Finalizing April Calendar
Bringing Draft of May Calendar

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin