Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 2/18/16

Tammy, Scott, Mike, Andira (moderator), Lacey (co-moderator), Chelsea, Larry (note-taker), Abbi & Sammi, 

Mike – The Google Docs skillshare hasn’t been scheduled

Calendar drafts

Recap of FFP 2015 impressions/ideas
Reviewed notes from initial follow-up meeting.
Discussed placement of booths to avoid conflicts.
Possibly sell advertising for sides of recycling bins.
Ideas about saving money on rental truck, maybe having tables delivered.
Abbi mentioned some contacts for other musicians. (Queer music festival.)
Verge has great puppets. Maybe have a children’s stage/area.
Abbi said the Pumpkin-decorating was great and they will be doing it again. 


What’s more important. Printed locally?
Environmentally friendly? Made in USA?
Sustainable materials? 

Probable $50 set up fee for screen printing.
Can phrase as ‘free bag with donation’.
Maybe offer bag with # of Raffle Tickets.
Should we set cap on cost of each bag? Depends on many factors.
Maybe discuss again. 

2016 FFP Booth Pricing
Previous Non-Profit/Org.. $6
Non-profit/ selling $12
Artist/ $12
Business/ $15
Renting chairs $1? Lacey will look into chair rental priced
Proposed Prices
$10 $20 $20 $35 (outside)
$15 $25 $25 $35 (inside)
Priced for space + 1 table available.
Additional table plus $8
Sammi proposed
$10 $15 $20 $30 (outside)
+$5 for Inside.
$10 $20 $15 $35 

We voted by category
Vote passed with consensus on the following 2016 FFP booth pricing, includes one table if they want one:
$10 (Organization, info only – outside)
$20 (Organization selling items- outside)
$15 (Artist/Individual – outside)
$35 (Business or Food Vendor -outside)
Plus $5 in each category for inside spaces. 

Vote passed with consensus on the price of one additional table – $8 

Food vendors
The ones we got did very well.
Maybe try to get more vegan options.

For next FFP meeting
Price comparison with our new table fees, using last year’s number of vendors.
Talk about entertainment, try to book people early before they get booked for something else.
Drag shows are fairly common, we might not need one. 

Agenda for next meeting (social media committee).
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin