Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 10/1/15


Mike (note-taker), Chelsea (co-moderator), Ben, Andira, Lacey, Jen H, Azaria, Shea (moderator), Spencer, Sammi


1 Timeline (10 m) (Lacey)

2 Calendar draft (5m) (Lacey)

3 Raffle Update (5m) (Lacey)

4 Vendor update (5m) (Lacey)

5 Volunteer schedule (5m) (Lacey)

6 Non-smoking signs (5m) (Lacey)

7 Activities (15m) (Lacey)

8 Funding TDOR (10m) (Lacey)

9 Art calendar order (10m) (Lacey)

10 FFP vendor surveys (10m) (Lacey)

11 Security volunteer (5m) (Lacey)


We are currently up to date.
Lacey discussed day -of timeline.

Raffle Update
Lacey went over labels for raffle jars.

Vendor update
Currently 1 vendor who has not paid.
Brian of Kinetic Brew may have to cancel due to personal injury.
A vote will be held after FFP to determine any reimbursement to Kinetic Brew.

Volunteer schedule
We are in need of a security volunteer.
It has been suggested to contact Marcus for this position. Lacey volutneers to do this.

Non-smoking signs
Voted on a non-smoking sign to be posted at the check in booth. Approved
Smoking will not be permitted within the event area.

FFP vendor surveys
Lacey brought drafts of vendor surveys.
Suggestions were made, she will make edits.

Art calendar order
Voted on an order size equivalent to $750 dollars. Approved
A check for $700 as well as $50 in discretionary cash will be given to Mike to put in the order. Should be roughly 150 quantity of calendars. 33 have been pre-ordered so far.

Funding TDOR
Event coordinators are asking $150 for catering.
Item tabled until Andira can speak with coordinators.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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