Fall For Pride Followup 10/12/17

Fall For Pride 2017 Followup Meeting Minutes – 10-12-2017

In Attendance: Donna, Lacey (note taker), Andira, Larry (moderator), Sari, Jon, Bob (co-moderator), Weston, Josslyn, Nathan, Erica, Spencer

FFP Financials:

$2,400 Total raised in sponsorship dollars
$1,258 Total raised in vendor payments
-2,687.48 Total expenses
$970.52 Sub total
-900.00 ($75 payment per performer x12 performers)

$519.50 Total merch. sales and raffle ticket sales and donations
Including donated raffle prize. Breakdown below:
($330 merch. sales/donations -combined 2 booths
+ $174 raffle sales
+ 15.50 Square credit card payments)
590.02 TOTAL

-Around the table / overall impressions of the festival:

Weston: Very well organized, lots of people there, great event, next years (if it exists) will be even better. Designate more techs to help with the stage in the future, no one was there to help Jeramie cleanup! Where’s the pizza?

Sari: Well organized, leaders for tasks / duties well divided for day-of volunteer tasks, people were illegally parked, parking overflowed. Promote carpooling, bicycling, volunteer attendants for parking during the fest, unfortunately there were many bugs, bees, pirate bugs (baby oil gets them, but bug spray does not phase them).

Jon: Vendors seemed to know what they needed to do, checking in, family friendly, dog friendly, suggests having an established volunteer coordinator for during the event to help GoPo and new volunteers find a purpose. This would be their only job during FFP.

Bob: Busier than other years, good job everyone! 

Donna: “Fall For Hugs” was suggested to her! Overall vibe was wonderful, no trouble makers, parrots Jon’s constructive criticism – a volunteer coordinator who can be dedicated to assigning tasks and coordinating volunteer efforts. Raffle was GREAT this year. (It was a 50/50 raffle, prize money split between CR and winner. Lily James won this year, donated all of it back to CR. We are passing around a thank you card for her tonight.)

Sari: Volunteer coordinator who isn’t coordinating the whole event, those folks need to be free to handle things as they come. 

Nathan: Coordinator develops a strategy for volunteer tasks. Nathan suggests first row reserved for vendor loading.

Andira: Encourage booth vendors to move cars after unloading. 

Erica: At Lincoln Muni Band Concerts people park wherever.

Lacey: All we need to do is let Parks know on our form if people are going to park on the grass. Still, volunteer parking attendants sounds like a good task for GoPo folks during future events.

Idea from vendor surveys: promote in the neighborhood next year (neighborhood newsletters)

Form in the CR folder, Google drive – live form and responses:

The only sponsor/performer was RED Theater. Do we pay these performers since they also paid to sponsor the event? 

Consider offering buttons to RED Theater in lieu of payment? Nathan suggests paying the organization. Others are interested in doing so as well.

VOTE: $75 per performer approved by consensus, all 12 performers (this includes RED Theater).

For the first time, we made money – Lacey can do a final thanks to Sponsors online and let them know we paid performers for the first time.

Snapchat geofilter stats: 148 swipes, 81.8% usage
2,767 unique people saw the filter! (Just for FFP)
From the 8-11th 3,068 saw our geofilter
4449 views of the filter

Next meeting:
-Nonprofit Hub (40m) Josslyn
-Sponsor fulfillment packs (20m) Sari
-TDoRR (10m) Josslyn
-Snapchat Geofilter (5m) Donna

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