Fall For Pride Followup Meeting 10/15/15

Azaria (took stack), Mike, Lacey (co-moderator), Larissa, Spencer, Ben, Bob, Aenea (note-taker), Barbara, Andira (moderator), Larry (late) attending.
I. Rules, 7.30 to 9.00. etc. (roles et. al.)

II. Impressions of F.F.P.
Mike: went well. Lacey: heard good things!! Azaria: friends love Lincoln because CommonRoot type. Chelsea: table was popular. Barbara: great, kids, nothing went wrong. Sammi: trans inclusive. Bob: all positve comments from public, good mix vendors, activities, Emma!! Khylie!! Aenea: Pizza best brick oven, thanks accepting aging Trans. Ben: good coordinate, Spencer!! Khylie! Wes and Scott vvv good. Spencer: pleased with flow on schedule. Andira: look to improve, learn and change next year.

III. Recapitulate
Ben: Phoebe language N.G. That means no good. Mike: more buttons, go with you. Need 3 times more. Chelsea says 100 would sell. Mike: Bottles don’t open. Chelsea wants coolers and bottles filled, Andira seconded. Refund ? Ben blew it open. Lacey, sell the remainder. Also public liked family frndly, many vendors, happy, fun safe, meet people, gays!, music. Change future, language, also nothing, but water, more music, drag show. Barbara:and Lacey speaks up — vendors say, Showna music conflict, poet match next time. Slow sales: more public. Vendors next year? Info only. Yes made money. Yes great planning, maybe (lost money), more yeses, and a Heckyes! Like Antelope Park, many yes, one dislike outdoors. No suggest change location. Two suggest other parks.

Mike: vendors responsible for their stock – does it sell? Azaria: Phoebe knew poor choice.

Spencer knew, didn’t think about. But fair adverts: fam friendly. Az: vendor was happy. Just take a chance. Sammi: Need water coolers, neutral restroom, shopping bags. Need better spacing for booths Andira: hear poetws better. Mike: knows who can handle it. Chelsea: sales low because Husker sports and traffic, personal experience. Mike: next time not gameday. Barbara: not even on away game date. Mike: ??? schedule Lacey: SUNDAY Chelsea agrees. Bob: game day bad. Liked attendance. Azaria: SELL FLAGS!!! Barbara: Did FB comments sort out? Don’t quibble w comments. Barbara: One vendor prolife but next PlanParent booth. Lacey: booth placement was planned, gives specifics. Bob: PP felt welcome at fair. Chelsea knows screen capture, will show Barbara. Andira says we did not know vendors thoughts.
Larry – supports flag sales. Sorry late. Raffle: great prizes, need sign.
Andira – info booth tell about raffle.
Mike – raffle tickets walking?
Ben – badly, did not know two side tickets.
Lacey – walking doesn’t work.

Finances, good comments from azaria, Andira, no notes since not on schedule. 

Vote discuss: Chelsea, next year, not annual necessarily, Lacey agrees.


Winners of Prizes for #ffp drawn – Donna wins on Instagram and the Verge church wins on Fb.

Refund Kinetic Brew – hit by bike, missed the fair. Andira: next year paid. Barbara: same. Larry: either. Mike: if he comes. Azaria: ask if he will come. Mike and Sammi, good excuse. Vote for dual – Majority, Refund only – 0, Booth – 2 . Chelsea and Azaria on cancel policy for future.

TdoR update. Andira. – Catering at Union. NTC wants 1/3 catering price, same Outlinc and C. Root. Barbara and Mike against spending money which NTC wants from sponsors. Azaria, why go with NTC rules? Why at the U? Why not U.U. Church? Larry, faculty can bring pot luck. VOTE – pay for food? All opposed.
Abbi has not said if Outlinc is sponsor. Barbara: if we don’t pay, talk w U.U. And Outlinc. Lacey cannot plan independent TDoR event. Mike: if not our own dinner, Outlinc and U.U. Possible new partners? Sammi, our event on another day. Aenea – Quinn Church choir.
General – talk w U.U and Outlinc about secession. Chelsea – proposes convention, i.e. meeting, but for next year. Sammi, Chelsea, Barbara to handle liaison.

Buttons – NTC wants 100 go with you. Lacey needs pieces, 69.95 per 1000. save at 5000. Consider also shipping cost save with large order. Treasury – 2400 to 2600. 2635.78 plus cash box. Chelsea – YouTube project, Mike supports. VOTE Large order – 3. Smaller order – 6. We will order 1000
Andira – ask Outlinc partake in order. 

November calendar goes around. 

Mike – Taco John cards appeared in basket, we had voted no unanimously to not include corporate coupons in non-corporate event. Sammi – return the cards? Mike and Chelsea, yes. Lacey seconds. Barbara – Cards do not beling to Croot. Sammi will let Jen know.

Next week: Barbara – plan calendar sales. Discuss group future.


From Bob DiPaolo – via CR Collab. group on fb:
FFP – 2016
–For FFP 2015 we had 6 recycle bins for bottles/cans which was overkill. Only 2 of the units were anywhere close to full at the end of the day. As Lacey mentioned to me though, 6 were the same price as 4 anyway… so ?
For 2016 FFP:
**Consider trying to sell the advertising on the recycle bins to reduce CR cost of the bins. Maybe Health Dept. would be interested in this with “Play Tobacco Free” posters? Others?
*Everyone keep their eye out for tall cardboard boxes throughout the year which CR could put can liners in and we handle our own recyclable waste & eliminate CR having to hire this done.
–FFP 2015 – CR had a 2-wheel cart available (mine) for free use by any vendor but this was only made known by word of mouth. Vendors who knew were very appreciative of having this available.
**For 2016 consider a sign on 2-wheeler: “For free vendor use. Please return to Info Table promptly” or similar words.
**Bob helped a couple of vendors carry totes/boxes to their table. Maybe designate a volunteer or 2 to stand by Info Booth and advertise pre-event vendors will have such help at the beginning and end of event? (Volunteers wouldn’t be ‘as available’ during event which might help in vendors not taking tables down early?)
Vendor Volunteers could wear a sign that says “Please return Volunteer to Info Table promptly.” lol Sometimes all a vendor needs is to have someone stand by their table/cash box while they unload the last of their stuff. 

–FFP 2015 CR provided folding chairs, which some vendors mistakenly took for their own use/booths.
**For 2016 consider renting chairs along with tables for vendor use. Vendors interested in renting chairs could indicate this when they sign-up for booth. Store these vendor chairs near Info Booth with clear signage and check-off sheet.

–FFP 2015 required renting a U-Haul to transport tables along with many other items which meant a VERY early start to the day for several volunteers (8am).
**FFP 2016 consider price in having rental company deliver & pick-up tables and chairs. A rental truck would probably not be necessary if CR is not responsible for table transport. 

**FFP 2016 consider having ‘balloon lady’ (if she participates) do her thing in the middlle of all the vendors. Kind of a ‘wandering minstrel’ thing. She is SO talented that her art is enjoyable to watch by all. There’s no way she can make balloons for everyone that wants one so maybe do a disc-drop game or raffle for her to do a balloon for you during brief time she’s there?


The hard part is done. CR put on an excellent first-time festival in which people enjoyed themselves and many indicated they would do it again.

Boosting attendance is the only way I know to help vendors sell more items/reach more people with their message. It’s up to CR to try and boost attendance and it’s up to the individual vendors to connect with the festival attendees with their products and services.

**FFP 2016 – is National Coming Out Day the same Sunday every year? (it was the day after 2015 FFP).This day would seem to be a natural in scheduling FFP if it’s the same Sunday. Coming Out at FFP might be an easier first step for people when they’re surrounded by understanding people, before they have to face some of their regular family & friends.

In scheduling FFP-2016 the off-week for Husker Football next year is Saturday, Oct. 8th in case people would like to keep it a Saturday event.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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