Fall For Pride and BORING Committee Meeting 6/18/15

Chelsea, Andira, Lacey, Shea – moderator, Barbara – co-moderator, Jen, Spencer – Note-taker, Azaria,
Garren, Amy & Toby


Map Update
-Lacey & Mike drew up map for FFP events, tables; 30 tables, as of now
-Need to notify current and later vendors of what to provide for themselves, and to provide image of map for vendors pre-FFP
-Possibility of dividing booths up by topic/focus of the vendor, assigning them a table; access for vendors loading in consideration
-Signs needed to direct people to FFP?; Lacey has old signs to recycle and use each year

Media & Vendor Update
-Lacey sent media email out to as many sources as possible; hopefully Neighborhood Extra printing ads for FFP in next coming week
-Added Wes & Scott (NE Trans* Community/LEAPS), Gomez Art Supply (GloveBox) (2 tables), Spokes Pizza to list of vendors; pursuing Bike Kitchen
-A few place won’t commit, but have offered items to put in the raffle
-Football Saturday – home game is an issue with several vendors. Consider having FFP on a Sunday next year as to not comepete.

Time Sensitive

Art Show
-came up with a new idea for flyer: change theme to public’s interpretation of “grass roots”; people still confused by theme – should add CR Instagram to electronic flyer
-Jen suggested having Photography Camp kids submit their work

July/Aug Calendars
-Sammi not here to confirm community service event; some August events still up in air
-July calendar projected to be confirmed next week

Best Choice Labels
-Azaria suggests saving Best Choice labels for cash; unanimously voted on
-Azaria will be contact person

Locking Up
-Barbara expressed discomfort in not having knowledge of who will lock up at end of meetings after having times when surprised with locking up
-Implied policy of keyholders having their keys at all times?
-Buddy system a possibility; alarm not a necessity, but in case of not using, resources around building to let the necessary people know


BOD rules, Adding people, & Expectations
-Not in attendance: Ben, Mike, & Josslyn; therefore, tabling subject for a later date (July 2nd meeting)

Nomination of New keyholder
-Officially nominated Shea as new keyholder; voted unanimously to appoint her
-Shea got her keys & handbook

Treasury Update
-First of 2 checks from Lincoln Community Foundation for Give to Lincoln day; the rest comes after June 27
-$4500 in treasury as of now
-Toby & Andira taking Credit Union people out to lunch to discuss transfer

Bi-Annual Report
-every 2 years, organizations must file report with state of NE; notice of report arrived @ Toby’s short-notice, possibly sent to wrong address
-Toby filled it out and clarified information with present CR members

Heartland Pride
-went over what we’re bringing, information on location
-Lacey will revamp Organizing Group post on information for event

Agenda for Next meeting:
-Zine, Heartland Pride recap, Crowdfunding for expansion/looking for new space, Brainstorming for future/increased amt of QUILTBAG events

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin