Fall For Pride & Social Media Committee Meeting (G2LD) 5/28/15

Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Chelsea (moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Mike (co-moderator), Sammi, Shea & Spencer 

Recycling for FFP
– RecycleBank (no sort) option
– We could ask people to borrow bins for recyclabales and/or compost
– Sammi is interested in helping with recycling
– Have volunteers come for a specific assignment meeting closer to the event, get trash volunteers, maybe GoPo

Workshops and activites for FFP
– (Suggestions – Not for FFP) Skillshares about Survivalism/Sustainability/Self-Sufficiency, Basic Car Repair/Maintainance, clothing making, mending, tailoring
– (Suggestions For FFP) Poi, yoga, skillshares, gardening or cooking, raw cooking skillshare
– Adult coloring station, John Ferguson is interested in talking with us about the culture of growing coffee, coffee ethics, presentation at FFP, paper-making with seeds and CR could be stamped on the paper, coffee cups that are seed paper exist as well
– Seed paper with messages “be okay with yourself” or other motivational messages, “You’re amazing” – to give people pride in themselves at the event. If printing isn’t possible, writing on them is possible. We could have paper pre-made. Write on them, leave them for other people at FFP. We could also have a skillshare for the paper-making here at CR ahead of time.
– Azaria is suggesting 30-45 minutes workshops, skillshares or talks in a specific area of the park where we’ll put out a set schedule, especially kid-centered activities, kids activities could be going on alongside a talk for adults
– Kids coloring, kitchen dishpan and sand, pipe cleaners (rainbow), bubbles, plinko (prizes?)

(We began going through the list of possible vendors but didn’t complete it)

– Azaria doesn’t want any businesses in the activities area, so businesses that want to have activities can have them at their booth space

– Hair dresser booth – Shea has a contact

– Barbara has a contact with therapy dogs, she can ask them if they’d like to attend
– GLBT friendly message therapist?
– Vendor category – SCC? Or High Schools? We have UNL? Wesleyan or Union College? Doane?

– Spencer has confirmation of one band and and two poets, and we are interested in having Kylie announce raffle winners between performers if we can get raffle prizes to draw winners

Break at 8:15 PM

Calendar for July is passed around, as well as thank-you cards for Give to Lincoln Day.

Social Media Committee

– Mike has YouTube channel up, Lacey will create a banner pic for this at their specific size, you can upload directly from your phone if you have internet, “Common Root” is the name of the channel, but it needed an individual’s name to create the account. Mike will put login info onto our master list.

– Different YouTube channels have sub categories of different types of videos. 5 min max. rule is suggested. Definitely we want to do things in bite-sized bits. Chelsea wants to help and she offered to get together with Mike on this.

Text Messages
– Andira suggests mass-texts. Barbara and Azaria bring up that not all phones can receive group texts. Lacey likes this idea.

– Sammi suggests looking at other nonprofit sites to get ideas for our LinkedIn company profile. Anyone can be an admin of this LinkedIn account if they’d like to be added to the admin group of this page. No one else volunteers at this time, but it’s an open invite. Lacey will maintain and add content to our existing “Company” page on LinkedIn. 

– Some of our current Boards include: “Support Common Root”, G2LD, Upcoming Events, Places We’ve Gone and Things We’ve Done, Grow Some Stuff, Skillshares, events, Why we Love Common Root, LQBTQA+, Sustainable living, nutrition and health, community support, intentional living, etc., Other ideas: Art, Books board/lending library, education about free culture – it’s at a point where we could advertize it on other social media.

– Chelsea reluctantly will look into Twitter, Sammi offers to help. 

– Chelsea also created a Tumblr account.

Barbara suggests recording head counts at events and discussing at meetings, Carra might we willing to help with this:

Here’s what we remember from recent events:
May Day Poetry Picnic – 25
Yoga (first) – 12
Open Hours(first) – 2
Yoga (second) – 5
Vegan Boutique – 40+
Free Saturday – 50+
Game Night – 8
Little Free library Book Swap – 14
Queer Clothing Swap – 3
QMN – 5

Lincoln Atheists keeps track of these numbers and hands outs prizes at the end of the year. This might be a fun thing to adopt.

Barbara signed up for Lincoln Literacy training on June 8th

Sammi suggests movie for ARAN Potluck – “Genetic Roulette” – there’s one on June, July will be a meeting and potluck. 

Set Agenda for the next meeting
Fall For Pride and Art Committee Meeting:
– Map / Layouts
– July Calendar and August
• Submissions for art show – how do we get em!
• Volunteers for First Friday to talk to folks, handout flyers 

Give to Lincoln Day totals: Online giving $950, Offline at least $310
Total we know about $1260, not including any proportional match funds from LCF
$25 check from Annette
$20 from Shea, one months dues plus $5 toward the next
$2 button sales

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin