Fall For Pride & BORING Committee Meeting 8/13/15

Andira, Azaria (co-moderator), Ben, Chelsea, Danielle, Lacey (moderator), Mike (note-taker), Sammi (took stack), Shea 


1 Budget (5m) (Andira)

2 Water (10m) (Azaria)

3 Power (10m) (Lacey)

4 New Vendors (10m) (Lacey)

5 September calendar draft (5m) (Lacey)

6 BREAK – 8:15-8:20

7 Coordination Chart note (5m) (Andira)

8 Reminder (1m) (Sammi)

9 BOD Code of Conduct (20m) (Danielle)

10 Welcome packet (10m) (Ben)



-Budget: expenses $704.46/ still owed $260-360

-Water: tabled (Azaria will not be in attendance next meeting)

-Power: 1 vendor needs power, with one outlet. Generators not appearing to be worth the money. 4 plugs on stage; revisited idea of using extension cords. 

Suggested that we ask vendors not to use power, or to provide their own for next year’s FFP event.

Suggested postponing approval of vendors needing power, pending research on generator solutions. Danielle volunteered to research this.

-Vendors: 6 new vendor applications:
• Kinetic Brew (1 table $25): approved
• vote: “plan for not having power, but we will look into it”: approved
• Around the World Cookies (no table: $15): approved
• Thirty-one Gifts (1 table: $31): NOT approved
• Nebraska Vegetarian Association (1 table $6): approved
• PFLAG (2 tables $21): approved
• Backstage Adornment (1 table $25): approved


-Coordination Chart: if interested in being contacted for committee meetings regarding specific organization functions make sure that your name is marked for the functions you are interested in.

-BOD Code of Conduct
• part one: adoption of common root mutual aid center’s rules: approved
• part two: Active Participation: points reworded and approved.
• part three: Confidentiality: points reworded and approved
• part four: conflicts of interest: tabled until next week.

-Welcome packet: Tabled until next week

-Treasury update: no update

Agenda items for next week:
• BOD section 4: (conflicts of interest) Danielle (15m)
• Treasury update: Toby (2m)
• Welcome Packet: Ben & Danielle (10m)
• September calendar: Lacey (2m)
• Coordination Chart: Andira (2m)
• 59 minutes remaining.


– Researching generators (Danielle)
– Contacting Toby regarding treasury update (Chelsea)
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin