Fall For Pride & BORING Committee Meeting 7/16/15

Mike – Moderator, Andira – Co-moderator, Jen H. – Notetaker
Attendees – Azaria, Shea, Chelsea, Ben, Barbara, Lacey, Sammi
Reading of rules

Recap Pride events
It was hot.
Good reception.
LHS mom wants buttons for her daughter’s group.
Feminist buttons were popular.
Suggestions for buttons: Queen pride, King pride, rectangular fridge magnets (we can do round ones with our button press…)
Lots of quality networking

LGBTQ Group name
Think of ideas
One month until first support circle.
Adoption and Surrogacy (future topic?)

New Vendor Apps/Red Cross
Mental Health Assoc of Neb – approved
Newt’s Cute Loot – approved (Octopi!)
OutLinc (pumpkins) – approved
American Red Cross – approved Jen H notes that if the Red Cross is unavailable, she could volunteer some Eagle scouts. There are at least 3 in Troop 30 that are LGBT-friendly.

UNL Booth
Sept 3rd – Thursday 12-2
Chelsea staff, Jen?

MakeLincoln is Sept 19th – same weekend as Streets Alive – BUSY!

Entertainment activities/update
Jen’s shirt spraying
Spencer made a schedule of performers, Lacey reads it. People cheer.


Pronoun Buttons
Black Cat House is ok if we make them, just don’t copy their design.
Ban rules, guidelines and morality clause
Ban on facebook = ban at events. Doesn’t extend to outdoor public space, barring incident.
Quorum is needed to ban people.
Define roles of Board of Directors
How often should Board members show up to meetings?
Perhaps our treasurer shouldn’t be a board member.
BOD and keyholders should know each other.
Word things in a respectful way
A lot of people seem to agree with 2 meetings a month, though Mike prefers 3. Lacey prefers 1.
Lacey says that notes are posted online, if a board member is absent they should read notes before the next meeting.
Chelsea points out the need to have present board members due to the possibility of a legal issue arising.
Sammi likes the idea of starting lower and raising expectations.
Barbara advocates for board members calling in if they can’t make a meeting.
Ben, who is a board member, likes 2 meetings a month.
Should we use Skype? We will consider Skype or phoning in in the future.
Deadline for BOD review will be 8/20/15
Votes were unanimous for two weeks a month Board member minimum meeting attendance.

We will ask online for a 7 pm start time next week – so much to discuss!
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin