Fall For Pride & BORING Committee Meeting 5/14/15

Andira (moderator), Azaria, Lacey, Mike, Jen P. (co-moderator), Spencer, Sammi (note taker), Amanda

-Recycling update
– $125 per recycling tent for FFP; we would have to transport the tent and bins and weigh the bins
-Lacey is looking into other options, could use some help
-Star City Pride (Sat. 7/11) – 18th and N Street, by the Panic
-Chelsea is signed up for personing the Common Root booth the entire time, but we need more volunteers
-no formal bike restraint facilities
-official CR checks: cost estimated by Toby to be $20-$30 for a large packet. Need more specific prices
-Event facilitation – had a lot of people dropping out of facilitating events they had agreed to in the last month, that were on the calendar. Specifically, yoga classes have been an issue with attempting to reschedule. Azaria is keyholder for this event, and has told yoga class facilitator that the class needs to remain at the time scheduled. Azaria will make it happen if needed.
-we have a nonprofit professionalism that we need to keep on track
-Event Facilitator form: one form for each event in a series is overkill and paper waste, so repeat events should be designated on the initial form. Exception: repeat offenders of dropping out of events (ARAN). Suggestion: add field to form where repeating event can be indicated. Suggestion: For recurring events, have a “light” version of the form.
-For repeat offenders, they will lose their privilege to hold events here. The number of offenses required to warrant losing event hosting privilege will be assessed on a case by case basis.
-Suggestion: include on facilitator form who the backup/co-signer will be and their contact information (should probably have a face to face with the keyholder)
-should revisit the form at another meeting. Suggestion: Rename the form “Event Facilitator Contract.” (or blood oath)
-Public perception – mike has been informed by 3 individuals that at public events (Vegan Bake Sale and Poetry in the Park), people of Common Root have appeared clique-ey.
-Suggestion: reduce the use of sarcasm. Can come across as fake or can be perceived as a barrier
-We will take this seriously, but it’s important to remember we can’t control how people perceive us.
-Suggestion: Designate a greeter. Decision on this suggestion: that’s probably going too far and is not necessary, but we as a group can try to be more cognizant. Make people aware of our comment box
-Suggestion: at introduction of event, indicate that if a person is interested in Common Root or becoming involved, to talk to us during or at the end of the event.
-It is important to be mindful that some people have social anxiety or hesitation at a new space, so not everyone wants to be approached or interacted with. We should always be approachable, but we don’t necessarily need to approach every person at an event. “Hi, welcome” may be enough.
-June and July calendar drafts passed around
-Sammi offers to plan and host events during the summer related to community service and writing
-Volunteer lunch: Azaria proposed that when we are doing tabling events, volunteers personing the table for a long time be provided an up to $5 stipend for lunch sometimes (as long as it doesn’t become an expectation).
-Alternative suggestion: traveling snack box with granola bars or almonds, etc. and water. Variety important for different dietary needs.
-Additional suggestion: at events such as Vegan Boutique that are held at a local venue, it would be good for Common Root to support the local place by buying stuff for the volunteers.
-Counter to the food provision suggestion: More to lug around, but funds should be available for volunteers committing to 3 hours or more outside. Volunteers should be encouraged to bring their own food
-VOTE: For shifts at outdoor tabling events more than 3 hours volunteers provided $5 FOR FOOD (not as payment)
-Treasury update: FFP table down-payment was figured wrong by the table rental place (15 tables), so Lacey needs $35 more dollars than originally planned. All voted in favor.
-Running low on button parts, need them for upcoming events. The best deal is for 5000, but it’s a lot of money. It was determined previously that 1000 is enough for approximately a year. 1000 button pieces are $69.95. Suggestion that we add this expense to our annual budget of fixed costs. Voted in favor.
-We should get the detailed treasury notes from Toby to include in our records
-Give to Lincoln: we are up to over $421.99
-Stamps and cardstock for Get Well and Thank You cards. Lacey requests money to replenish supplies, less than $30 total. Voted in favor.
-Social Media Committee updates
-Linked In requires we start with a personal profile and then create a business one, so it is possible for us to make a profile.
-Pinterest account started. Shown to attendees
-Concern about who has passwords. (don’t want to get hacked). Suggestion: Put all logins and passwords in keybox, so all keyholders have access. Suggestion: Make all passwords the same. Counter to that suggestion: Same password is not always possible

Set agenda for next meeting:
-Set time for next Social Media Committee meeting (5 min)
-update about yoga (5 min)
-June (finalize) and July calendars (5 min)
-Treasury (5 min)

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin