Fall For Pride & BORING Committee Meeting 4/2/15

In attendance: Azaria (moderator), Amanda, Andira (co-moderator), Chelsea, Lacey (note-taker), Scott, Shea, Spencer, Sydney & Tammy

This meeting’s agenda:

Yoga at Common Root
– Tabled until Julia comes next week and Azaria will be keyholder

– FFP application deadline – approved for August 1st, we can always move deadline back in needed

– In a month or so maybe we can get rough idea of how many tables and reserve them for FFP

– Online roll out – FFP – tomorrow – Lacey also put up the link to the vendor form on the CR org group

– Group photo with FFP Banner

– FFP Vendor – organization list – brainstorm
Pepe’s, Meadowlark, Kenetic Brew, Maggie’s, MoJava, Le Quartier, Heoya, Smokin’ Jerky, NE Tran* Group, Outlinc, PFLAG, any intersex groups?, LQBTQ Resource Center UNL, SP CE, Little Free Libraries, A Novel Idea – more…

– Speakers – Spencer & Syndey can ask about speakers. Spencer can reformat to have speakers, poets and bands on the stage for performances

– Heartland Pride – We are considering a booth for the $100 fee – we would need a minimum for 4 volunteers to staff the booth, but would prefer 6. Table for the next FFP meeting. Andira, Chelsea, Shea & Lacey are interested and see if we can get 6 people. Gas money? free parking?

– May calendar draft – passed around
Yoga Monday or Friday?

– Adding wording to Collaborative group – could put this description of the group as the text pinned with the calendar. Call for vote on org group.

– Youth Ministries volunteers – June 10-11 – make them aware we are secular org, ask them where they’ve volunteered with the youth in the past and we might need a larger space to accommodate this size of a group. SP CE? Outdoor event? What interests them about our group?

Additional items:
-Sydney used to take care of an elderly man who is liked-minded with CR’s mission in his younger days before his stroke. He was a talented photographer. She’d like to sell prints of his artwork and also larger canvases and the money would go to folks with terminal illnesses, cancer, ALS, etc. Azaria suggests a fundraising or First Friday event in the space. All profits from the show would go to several local organizations helping individuals with terminal illnesses. She is hoping to collaborate with us on this.

Chelsea asks about permissions to make prints of his photography and slides. Sydney was given the slides through power of attorney. Would like to eventually become a 501c3 doing this type of fundraising.

– May 2nd event at a park? Antelope or Woods in the little grove of trees? Andira will coordinate with SP CE

– Call for submissions draft – art show/art calendar – tabling this for next week.

– Makerspace & tool library April 11th – Turbine Flats Project

– Treasury – $2868.68 in credit union account as of 3-27-15

For next week’s meeting:
– Improvements – agenda items

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin