Fall For Pride & BORING Committee Meeting 4/16/15

Moderator: Chelsea
Co-Moderator: Lacey
Secretary: Amy
– Azaria
– Andira
– Barbara
– Spencer
– Garren
– Mike
– Ailyne
– Shay

FFP – Heartland Pride Event
Date: 6/20
Time: 10:30 AM (set up) – 10 PM
Location: Omaha
Cost: $100 for booth (this includes: canopy/tent, table, 2 chairs and 4 vendor passes (5$ value each))
Deadline to register is: 6/6
– Can complimentary passes be swapped between volunteers?
– Can we repost on common root for more volunteers?
– Can we do a raffle to recoup cost?
– Lacey will repost info to see if there is more interest.
– Need to target 6 firm commitments, currently at 5 (Andira, Lacey, Chelsea, Shay, Spencer)
– Once 6 firm commitments, will vote to use money from treasury to get booth if approved.

BORING – Meeting Improvements:
Positives/Call outs:
– Lacey today (other volunteers for other meetings) arrive 30 minutes early to write out agenda on white board
– Board contains brief description for each item
– Place time allotment when setting future agendas – whoever nominates can give a good judge of time needed
– Future agendas will be set during the last 15 minutes of the meeting
– Will leave 15 minutes buffer to wrap up additional/miscellaneous items
– We can table items if we don’t have time to address them in current meeting.
– If current meeting’s agenda is full, we can table discussion until next meeting. Caveat: If item is time sensitive, we can adjust agenda

May Calendar:
– Art in the afternoon will be held at 4 PM
– ARAN Vegan potluck will occur at 6 PM
– SP CE Commons/Poetry Pot luck on May Day at Woods Park
* 4 PM to 7 PM
* Lacey, Andira, Ailyne, with SP CE organizers will help set up canopy starting at about 3 PM.
* Ailyne may drop tent off at common root prior to work.
* Theme: May Day/Workers’ rights
* SP CE will make handbills for event
* Current formant for poetry: Open Mic (unless someone wants to further organize)
* Barbara suggested contact Joann with The Militant – they are interested in coming
* Formally inviting IWW/unions
* people will bring own folding chairs/blankets.
* will use common root tables for the food
* plates and silverware needed – Common Root can provide

Give to Lincoln (Time Sensitive)
Date: 5/28
Training Date: 4/28 (Andira and Lacey going, others welcome)
Event: All day event at Foundation Garden park (across from Bennett Martin Library)
– Ailyne and Lacey will do button making from 11 AM to 1 PM to hit most of the lunch crowd.

Additional Items
– Andira spoke with Optimist club.
* CR received much needed paper clip holder and paper clips (no oranges ones though)
* Seemed interested in coordinating future events
– Vegan Boutique
* Volunteers: Azaria, Lacey, Andira, Barbara, Ailyne
* All proceeds will go to CR
* Set for May 9th from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM (event is 11-3)
* Drop off on Thursday and Friday night prior so that more items are donated
– August Art Show
* Items in the show can be for sale
* Payment arrangements strictly between artist and purchaser
* Need to limit entries? (undetermined)
* One piece of art will be displayed per artist
* Artists will sign waiver when they drop off art – this will be a release for reprint (or actual copy of art).
* Art will be on display for a month
* Full size posters distributed
* Will make quarter sheet size hand outs for easier dispersal.
– Interfaith peacemaking workshop report from Barbara
* speaker: James Jones
* founder of local organization: Community Justice Center
* focused on creating empathy between offenders/victims
* have James Jones speak to group about community involvement?

Next Meeting Agenda
– Finalize May Calendar (5 minutes)
– Yoga (5 minutes)
– August Art Show – Progress (5 minutes)
– Fundraiser ideas – not for immediate future (15 minutes)
– Creating larger social media presence/youtube outreach (15 minutes)
– Build 5 minutes in for break at 8:15 PM

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin