Fall For Pride & BORING Committee Meeting 3/19/15

In Attendance: Lacey – Moderator, Shea – Note-taker, Andira, Azaria, Spencer – Co-moderator, Greg, Mike, Jen, Ailyne, Tammy & Scott

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Fall for Pride Event – 10th of October
Spencer lining up entertainment
Confirmation from Lindsey Hand
Audry Nance gave a couple names
Message Katy F-S.
Will be looking into a few names Andira recommended

Online Form
(Parenthesis to explain what type)
Non-profit (info)
Non-profit (selling items) – organization/ EIN number
Business (limited to # of tables?)
Individual – Hand-made arts, crafts, etc. ($0- Free Donating Time)
Other – Activities, Performers, Workshops 

Schedule – Set lists, performers, work shops – online, event page, handed out to people, posters, etc.
Scheduling- informing people about when 

Prices – table prices, space prices (Each additional table $6)
Charge non-profits?
Tables ($5.50 charging $6.00)
Non profit – info $6.00
Non profit – selling items $15
Business – $25
Other – TBD
Individual – $15
Workshops/Activites/skillshares – $0 (CONTACT US! – word of mouth)

Votes on prices –
Yea – 10
Nay – 0
Abstaining – 0

(1 – 5 pm activities

Separate category – perfomers (Spencer)/ festivities (Azaria would like to be the moderator/coordinator of such.) Workshop/skillshare/activities
Their own schedules. 

Top of the form – interested in performing, but not having a booth, then please contact us at: contact@commonroot.net

Lacey will figure out the info about EIN numbers… or what the heck.

Paying for the tables – deposit
Special Accommodations
List examples (power source, etc.)
Tabling- Will we need extra power sources? – can wait and we can figure that out later.

Suggestions/edits to onlne form?

Make it live?
Yes. Immediately.

Campaign of keeping it secret?
Start becoming more public – We have posted fliers
Available for those interested.
Date is out there… but description is not.

Table organization list – Next meeting

Next meeting – Thursday April 2 at 7:30 pm (along with BORING mtg)

Fall for Pride Meeting Adjourned 

Meeting runs until 9 pm

Started at 7:42 PM
March 19, 2015

Agenda Items
-Miss Chelsea 
-April Calendar
-WE Midwest
-FFP Banner Photo- Next meeting 

Barbara, Azaria, Sammi – Co-moderator, Andira, Shea – Note-taker, Lacey – Moderator, Tammy, Scott, Jen, Mike, Greg, Ailyne & Toby

One topic at a time.

Andira – WE Midwest – Protests for Anti Racism, social justice
Messaged by a member
meeting on Tuesday at 7:00
Want various people to represent at Indigo Bridge
Andira will go

Taking a moment to Miss Chelsea (Broken heart)

Common Root Admin