Fall For Pride & Art Show Committee Meeting 7/30/15

In Attendance
Andira (note-taker), Azaria (moderator), Barbara, Chelsea, Danielle (co-moderator), Jen H (.25), Jen P, Lacey, Mike, Sammi, Spencer


-Porto potties
We don’t want to pay $250 – perhaps we’ll rent the Auld Pavillion for $300 next year for additional restroom facilities

-Activities update
Donna wants to donate money
Andira will contact Kelsey
Lacey with contact Beau
Azaria will contact yoga teachers

Chelsea suggests reduced booth cost as a raffle prize

Tabling additions:
Ted’s shop – $21
Lincoln Athiests – $12
Star City Pride – $15
Rachel Miller – $15
Fat Owl Fassions – $31
What the Cat Made – $15
Panned Parenthood – $6

$241 Total

Stickers and Buttons
-Buttons yes
-Asks for sticker donation money online

Vendor Deadline
-Extended to September 1st

Vendor electric – TABLED
-We may have a generator

We might give away paper Barbara wants to make

Reusable Common Root Cups – TABLED
-Azaria will look up bulk prices
–Suggested non-petrolium, and two-sided print

We can use the big bucket Spencer gave us for donations

Andira will look into all FFP costs to date and planned, and expected recooped money


We are suggesting a meet the artist binder, but we are doing 40 handouts for $3.20

Next Agenda
Coordination Chart (15 min)

BOD Roles (30 min)
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin