Community Meeting Minutes 11/20/13

Table of Contents

1 Meeting 2013-11-20
1.1 Attendence
1.2 Agenda
1.2.1 I’ve Got a Name
1.2.2 Calendar
1.2.3 Mail!
1.2.4 Fundraising
1.2.5 Treasury
1.3 Other items
1.3.1 Moderator training
1.3.2 Language sensitivity
1.3.3 Common Root general info

1 Meeting 2013-11-20
1.1 Attendance

Dave (Note taker)
Lacey (Moderator)
Toby (Eventually! :))

1.2 Agenda
1.2.1 I’ve Got a Name

Alex tells us about his organization, ‘I’ve Got a Name’.

They work to end sex trafficking. They have a community outreach center in The Bay ( here in Lincoln.

I’ve got a Name is sponsored by Tiny Hands International.

Alex tells us that sex trafficking happens in Lincoln, NE, though many people don’t realize it due to their own distance from poverty and drug addiction.

In the future, I've got a name intends to buy houses and provide housing, job training, etc. Money raised through the “Decembeard” fundraiser will be used to provide direct support to girls in Lincoln.

I've a name works to raise awareness. They worked with a Nebraskan Senator to help pass LB-??? and LB-???. [ed. Notes unclear]

In March 2014 there will be a march for No Girl Should Be For Sale.

They have a website and a Facebook page.

Decembeard is a fun beard-related fundraiser going on in December. [ed. details and video on their website]

Alex told us to contact I’ve Got a Name if we know or meet youth that could benefit from their services.

They are looking for volunteers for various activities.

Alex asks Common Root to describe themselves, which they do.

Common Root offers to help advertise the fundraising events, potentially host events, and potentially provide a safe social place for girls, i.e. gamenight, potlucks, knitting circle, roundtable about sex and gender issues, skillshare, infoshare, etc.

Question: how bad is the human trafficking problem in Lincoln? Alex says that Lincoln branch is working with 120 girls right now.
1.2.2 Calendar

New additions
For January
Ben tells us about an organization which helps inmates. She’s coming to talk to us in January.
December 7: Collective Networking Potluck event.
Sex Positivity (or Rose, Thorn, Bud as a backup.)

1.2.3 Mail!

Sing the song!

Square (credit card reader for smartphones/tablets)

Received Check from $68.99

Letter from old landlord
“Due to being a poo-poo-head, I’m not returning the deposit.”

1.2.4 Fundraising

Fundraising goals?
We currently have about $300 in the account. $185 per month for rent + utilities

Takes a lot of time, gotta collect a bunch of material. Lauren has April’s Teracycle stuff.
Zines cost $0.16 per for paper. Could we sell them for $1? If we do, what about the online copy? Nobody seems to opposed to putting $1 suggested donation on the upcoming Zine.
Dave will look into alternative credit card processing (cheaper?).
Crafty things. Crochet.
Azaria and Lauren do that. Members will make art and stuff and donate it to Common Root to be put on display for sale. Lacey does design work and donates the proceeds to Common Root.
Itty Bitty Musik
Carrie teaches music classes here and gives Common Root a cut. [ed. It’s called Itty Bitty Musik and she teaches children of all ages. My son LOVES her class! Carrie has a degree in education and is super-nice.]

1.2.5 Treasury

Toby makes a check out to somebody, repayment for money they loaned us during the move.

Button money, yay!

A check was donate for/at the recent performance, yay!

The performer was paid cash out of Lacey’s pocket so that is being returned to her.

The check.

Toby tallies! Roughly $680. But, please note that there are additional payments coming out of there. [ed. yeah that’s good to note at my house, too!]

1.3 Other items

The following things came up during various conversation and times when we meandered from the agenda. 
1.3.1 Moderator training

Common Root members are interested in receiving moderator training and/or conflict resolution training. Dave brought up Nebraskans for Peace as a potential source of training.
1.3.2 Language sensitivity

Common Root members are interested in discussing, learning about, or receiving training about language sensitivity. (Such as: understanding “trauma triggers”.) Lauren said that she might have a contact for language sensitivity training.
1.3.3 Common Root general info

It was said that there are generally five people at any given planning meeting. There were approximately fifty people at the recent fundraiser. Participation has been growing since the move to the new space (3333 Cleveland St).

Common Root Admin